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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to write to Orange today and attempt to get a refund of the charges my bank will make. I've written to the bank already asking for some leniency and explaining the situation to them - as we were only £4 overdrawn and just for 1 day as I'm paid today and as it was due to a DD error, I'm hoping they might waive some / all of the charges, but we'll see! We opted for the direct debit option to save money (so we could avoid the non-DD charge). So far it's cost us far more than the charge would have done, so maybe you're right and we should go back to paying th
  2. Just wanted to update on what happened in the end with MBNA (would have posted sooner, but a new baby has been taking up most of my time!!) The FSO negotiated between myself and MBNA and an agreement was finally reached where MBNA would refund me just under £100 worth of unfair charges, write off my credit card balance (which was almost all charges from them) and close my account. It took a few months to resolve and a little pushing from me to get the FSO to pursue them for charges. Even after an agreement had been reached, MBNA still sent me threatening letters about the outstanding debt
  3. I've also just realised that for 9 months now, they've been charging us two non-direct debit charges - 1 per phone, on the same account (amounting to around £7 per month). Am I right in thinking that we should be able to reclaim 1 of those charges per month from Orange as well? Any help would be very gratefully received!!
  4. Hi all Apologies if I'm starting a new thread when one already exists on this, I did check the first 10 or so pages and couldn't see anything relating to my problem, so am starting a new one!! Orange billed me incorrectly on my last bill for 2 x Non-Direct Debit charges (amounting to around £7), despite the fact that I'd set up direct debit payment (this was the first month I'd done that) and they were going to take the money by DD. I called them on 15th November to tell them about the error. After some initial disputing from them, they agreed the charge shouldn't have been made
  5. Thanks dx, that's useful to know. Can you direct me to a thread / info on how I could reclaim those charges? Cheers TW
  6. Hi all I have an on-going dispute with MBNA, which I've referred to the Financial Services Ombudsman. I'll scan some paperwork and upload it later as I'd like opinions on whether it's worth the fight (I'm over 8 months pregnant and am finding the stress of dealing with it all a bit much to cope with!!) However, in the meantime, I wondered if someone could give me a quick answer to this: Despite the account being in dispute and I've used those very words with MBNA and informed them I'm passing the matter to the Financial Services Ombudsman, they're still adding late payment and intere
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