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  1. Hi, The addresses I sent the letters to are: P.O Box 260 Weybridge Surrey KT13 0YH & 7/10 Chandos Street London W1G 9DQ.
  2. Hi, On 27 th December I received a demand for payment on an 11 yr old debt from Fredrickson Int'l Ltd; on behalf of Arrow Global. I have heard nothing about this debt for about 8 years so I sent a copy of the Statute Barred letter (recorded Delivery) to both of their addresses in Surrey and in London. Neither of the letters have been signed for and are still in the Royal Mails 'delivery process'. I googled the postcodes of both addresses and came across this website: It looks like both these addresses are just mail drops. Today I received a payment card from Fredpay for my convenience!
  3. Hi all, In 2005 I defaulted on my payments to La Redoute. In March this year a Provident rep came to my door and said that Redcats had sold the debt to them and that they had set up a Provident 'Fresh Start' account to pay off the debt and would call every Monday for payment. I was horrified as the interest rate is extortionate and I didn't want them calling at my home every week. The man then became very irate, I called my husband to the door and he took all the details of the debt and Providents head office number. I called Provident the next morning and asked if I could pay the debt of
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