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  1. Afternoonies all. Not just any noonies, it's Fridy afternoonies
  2. Sadly they are both on Rainbow perch now , but we loved them to bits. I'm glad you said that about the mirror, it made me giggle. At least it wasn't just our budgie who had slightly pervy habbits!
  3. That cat over there. No, therrrrrre. No, THERE. *gives up pointing for bat* Oooh look. I'm winning again
  4. We used to have 2, but the last one went to Rainbow Perch a few years ago. They brightened my day, both had very distinct personalities and were a pleasure to have. I do miss them . One of our neighbours has a budgie, although you don't hear it often. Ours had a huge cage that was built by my OH as I could not buy any that were a size that I was happy with, and the cage was open during the day giving them free reign of downstairs. They were very good at going back in all by themselves, they used to come out, do a few 'laps' and then go straight back inside. And my, they used to go mental for millet! They would throw millet tantrums demanding their fave treat. They didn't get it all the time as it was treated as a treat, but boy did they put their feet down and demand it sometimes
  5. Happy new year all! Good to see you've saved the LP for me, aww I see you've had a makeover NO. Love the new look.
  6. I hate this time of year, I just turn the lights out, sit with the candles on, telly on low and don't answer the door or even look on Halloween. When it gets near bonfire night I allways start to get nervy. We had a firework put through our letterbox years ago and I've never quite got over it. Even though no damage was caused (it didn't set fire to anything thank god, there was just tonnes of smoke everywhere) I was in the house on my own that night and found it very frightening. I'm allways worried that it's going to happen again. I used to push very heavy things up to the letterbox to stop anything being able to be pushed through but now we have a new door and the letterbox is no longer on the floor, it's the first year since that I won't be able to do that. Disgusting. I'll never understand how anybody could be so cruel. Poor poor animals, I cannot imagine the pain and fear they must have felt. **** like that don't seserve to live amongst us!!!
  7. Anybody recognise this cagger? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2045551/Great-British-Bake-Off-squirrel-Explicit-image-male-squirrel-shocks-viewers.html
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