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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BACS Possibly refunding your course fee?
  2. You are watching the picture from the Sky HD box, it is normal, change the picture mode from standard to movie...does the fault occur? if so there is a software upgrade to cure this. If the fault only occurs as you first describe then it would appear that the set has a hardware problem, probably on the main AV pcb which is sadly no longer available. I can send you the upgrade if you wish but it requires a dedicated lead which i no longer have. G
  3. Can you provoke the fault into showing when you change the picture mode from dynamic to movie etc?
  4. If you can post the full model number and serial no i will look on the Samsung technical site for any known problems or software updates. My own gut feeling is a hardware fault. This would require replacement of the main PCB which is no longer available from the manufacturer. B
  5. I had the same request while trying to log in to youtube, they asked me to link it to my googlemail account and asked the 'phone number as part of the process, i just typed in eleven zeros, they seemed quite happy!
  6. There is no difference Conniff, the price difference does not even need to be in the same store, all the retailer has to do is price the product accordingly and display it in one store somewhere in the country for the 28 day period, then reduce it and roll it out to every store they own at the "reduced" price.
  7. It is a common problem, it is failure of the connectors on top of the LCD screen. As the connectors are bonded to the screen you have to replace the screen to carry out a lasting repair. Screens are very expensive. I sell these sets and have had to replace three screens in two year old TVs. Sony coughed up for two of them as they were just two years old, the other i had to stand myself as it was 27 months old, but as i do not like upsetting my customers i just had to take it on the chin all £189.00 plus vat of it.
  8. VW Transporter T24 8 I have had a 2007 57 Plate Transporter from new. It has been serviced regularly (but not at VW) and is still under the three year warranty with 51,000 miles on the clock. The Garage I use for servicing has diagnosed a fault with the dual mass flywheel. A quick ‘phone call to the dealer’s service dept’ has revealed that, and I quote “you will be lucky if VW even pay for the parts as they regard this as a wear and tear item”. I have the vehicle booked in for next week but was wondering if some of the experts on the forum would care to advise the best course
  9. Can anyone tell me if a "free" mobile phone as recieved with a monthly contract is covered by the sale of goods act? TIA G
  10. Our charge is average around here, West London i don't know about. As far as i am aware John Lewis sub contract out their repairs, indeed we do some on their behalf. It might be worthwhile looking here... DASA - Domestic Appliance Service Association - Improving domestic appliance service quality Out of curiosity what is up with appliance and what make/model? many manufacturers have their own service techs and their findings tend to be taken seriously by banks, court etc. G
  11. I charge £35.00 plus VAT for a written report, the £35 comes off your final bill if we repair or replace. If you can say where you are located i will try and find someone local to you that we could recommend. G
  12. Thanks for the reply Buzby, I took your advice and called them, turns out I did not owe them anything, they claimed I was missing two payments but it turned out that because I had changed bank accounts the first two payments they took out ended up in limbo as the mandate had the wrong reference number on it. Partly my fault I suppose because I used the old one (with an out of date reference) out of frustration of the banks inability to send me a new mandate. They have now refunded all the charges applied to the account and re-instated the agreement. I have to now write to them to make su
  13. Morning all, I hope I am posting in the correct place. Here is my problem, I have a Hire Purchase agreement with Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance. I signed it two years ago in May 2008. About a year ago I changed bank accounts and requested a new direct debit mandate from them, it took ages to sort out, I kept asking for a new mandate they kept insisting they had sent it but I did not receive it. In the end I tippexed the old details off the original mandate which I had previously signed (and kept a copy of) and sent that off with my new bank details. At last they stared taking payments
  14. Hi Dodfries, I repair TV's for a living, a common problem with many modern TV's is that when they are left on standby the internal power supply is still running albeit in a very reduced power mode, when they are disconnected from the mains, (as i assume your was after the accident) the power supply is switched off, cools down and subsequently fails to re-start when the power is switched back on. This is possibly what has happened to yours. In cases like this we try and repair the power supply and then asess any accidental damage and make out the report for the insurance company so they
  15. Well i have a retail shop and i would never refuse a customer a refund for a faulty product. We have a policy where if a customer returns a faulty item it is refunded or replaced as requested by the customer, the fault is logged and if we have another returned for the same or similar fault we withdraw them from sale and return the lot to the relevant supplier. I dont care what cack handed regs the EU come up with, this is the only fair way to trade and i will never change this policy.
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