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  1. just received my graham white solicitor letter - notice of intended legal action - it say our client has instructed us to proceed to legal action to recover the amount due! do istill ignore it - is it a standard letter?
  2. hey guess what i got my first letter from roxburghe! saying if they hear nothing they will pass on to their solictord graham white!
  3. ok thanks very much for your advice - part of me feels like just paying it as i dont want all the worry
  4. hi just received anothe rletter from NCP- a pre legal notification saying if i do not pay in 14 days of issue of this notice the case will be passed on to a debt collectin agencu who may commence enforcement proceedings via the county court. it also goes on to say a county court judgement would be placed on public record etc etc then it says if the court judgement were to remain unsatisfied a warrant of execution would then be issues by court bailiffs i am now getting worried - should i not at least respond to contest the fine in teh first place? i knwo everyone keeps saying ignore
  5. i found this in an old thread regarding bye laws should i be concerned? sorry if i'm soundin gparanoid just want to be 100% i should ignore my notice! "this is slightly different from private car parks as the Railway have Bye-laws which are enforcable and ARE legal. I believe that railway property is private land owned by the rail operating company. They have specific bye-laws in relation to what you can and cant do on railway property. you may find that you may be in breach of one of these bye-lawes, possibly bye-law25 or 26, I cant remember which one but I would suggest before taking
  6. hi, i've been issued a parking contravention charge under the rail byelaws - it happened at a NCP car park at the O2 its says i'm in breach of rail byelaws and then talks about a parking contravention charge and not how i breached the byelaws. it says i wasn't parked correctly between markings on the bays! i've since received a letter - some people on this forum say i should ignore it - i happened to come across this thread that said slightly different. can you please help? always better to get more advice many thanks
  7. ok thanks everyone for your help i'll ignore their letters - i will also try to get the ticket scanned in!
  8. oh really no it doesn't it just says parking contravention charge notice - notice of breach of rail byelaws parking contravention charge no cp etc etc. so i presume they'll do a follow up letter, then threaten me with legal action and then pass to a debt collector? what should i do / when if that happens? thanks for all your help with this guys its much appreciated!
  9. i'll try to get it scanned in also the letter. i've read on other websites that they are actually real tickets and i will have to pay? it doesn't say anything about increased amounts the letter says i have 28 days to dispute it. surely as they have contacted me i need to at least respond saying i'm not going to pay it?
  10. it says notice of breach of rail byelaws and it is the car park for the north greenwhich line by the O2 even though its NCP. there are 2 car parks there 1 is a pay and display(this is where i got the ticket) the other is a pay when you leave - they are next to each other and i thought they were both NCP. teh 2nd one people park where they like - even on double yellows and they do not get tickets
  11. hi can i ask for an update on this please? i've been given a ticket at the O2 car park its NCp but quotes the bye laws- say's i hadn't parked correctly in the bays. i ignored it but received a letter from them so not sure what my next steps should be - any help would be great
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