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  1. Sorry to hijack this thread but I cannot start my own post for some reason but it is to do with KPR/Nationwide. I'm sure I can't do anything about his now, but just wanted some advise. I have been banking with nationwide for a number of years and have been paying KPR a fixed amount regularly for 2 years on a credit card that I could not afford to pay the full amount on. All was fine until I was recently made redundant and therefore had quite a bit of money deposited into my account. Within days KPR froze my bank account and would not release my money until I fully paid off the debt with them, even though I explained that I needed the redundancy money to live until until I found a job. They basically said i either paid it immediately or they would take it off me in 14 days anyway basically leaving me no choice but to pay it so that I could access other monies in my account. Is what they did legal, do I have any comeback on them? I basically may find myself in default of my priority debtors now as I no longer have any money in which to keep my monthly payments up. Any advise would be appreciated, even if it is to say they were in the rights to do this. I made it very clear that I wanted the call to be recorded and that under no circumstances was I in a financial position to pay them this money but that they had left me no choice. I have the address, date, time and name of person I spoke to at KPR so I can request a copy of the tape if there is anything I can do.
  2. Thank you, I will make sure I keep up communications with them. I will try and offer the £1 a month where I can.
  3. They are credit card and loan debts, only a few are with the original creditor the majority have gone to debt collection agencies.
  4. The debts are credit card and loan debts, in very few instances I am still paying the original company, but the majority I am paying debt collection agencies. I offered them the repayment amounts by sending them a statement of my accounts. Non of the debts are secured as I have nothing to secure them against as I rent.
  5. Hi Can anyone advise on what I can do about payments I am currently making to DCA's now that I have lost my job? Basically I have been paying them a decent amount each month ranging from £25 to £120 depending on the debt, but I have recently been made redundant and my husbands salary does not cover our priority debts and therefore we have no money to pay any of the DCA's. Do I just offer them £1 a month until I get another job as a token payment, or do I stop paying completely? Just want to make sure that I don't have issues. I have been paying for 3 years now and have everything under control, make all my payments on time etc., and this has come as a big blow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi means2anend There doesn't appear to be a ticked signature box or anywhere on what they have supplied me that even states signature or even a date it was supposed to have been signed (electroncially or otherwise), there is a cover letter with just my old address on it, then the acutal agreement has my new address on it, which is not the address at which I may have taken out the credit card. It must have been opened about 8 to 10 years ago.
  7. Hi I requested a copy of my credit agreement from Barclaycard as I was being harrassed by a company I had never heard of before for a credit card number I had never owed. it turns out that it was an old egg card I had that was transferred to Barclaycard who in turn gave it their own account number (confusing or what). Anyway, after looking at what they have provided me, I cannot see a signature anywhere, I believe that Egg only did online applications and therefore there would not be. How do you stand with these types of credit agreements? Is it still unforceable? The actual letter states "I enclose a reconstituted copy of your credit agreement, along with a copy of the terms" and states that this complete their obligation under ssections 78 of the Act, is this true? Can I still insist that I am sent a signed copy? Any advice would be greatly recevied. Thank you.
  8. Hi Sorry I didn't make myself clear, the original contract was for 18 months and at the end of that term we signed up for another 18 months. I believe that the step son is the sole inheritor, however I believe the will is being contested by another family member, hence there being solicitors involved. I thought the same about the power of attorney ceasing on the death of the owner so just wondered why the step son thought he could negotiate an early release date with us, unless he feels positive that the outcome will be in his favour. Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. We have been renting our current home for 3 years this June when our lease is due to end. We have been informed that the owner of the house has died and have been served section 21 notice from their solicitor to leave the property at the end of our contract, this is what we expected anyway. The confusing point is, our actual contract is with the step son of the owner of the house and not the actual owner (I believe he had power of attorney while she was in a home). He has since been in touch and asked if we could move out earlier so he could sell it, again understandable. We have agreed to with him to move out in March (prior to receiving the section 21 notice) and asked that he inspect the property so that we can come to an agreement about anything being held out of our deposit - I believe one favour deserves another : ) My question is, who are we legally supposed to receive our section 21 notice from and will he still have any rights to say we can move out earlier if this is now in the hands of a solicitor? He is still authorising any works which needs to be carried out on the house, but we are a bit confused as to who is now our landlord. As he is still alive and signed the documents and his name is on our contract I believe it should still be him, but am not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Just to let you know I did manage to close the account, I think because I only just sent the letters out offering pro-rata amounts and only missed 1 payment so far they didn't quite catch on so no more £25.00 charges taken directly off me (even though I'll know they'll just add them to the loan : ( )
  11. Thanks Huggys I have already opened a new account and cancelled my standing orders with Lloyds and left the bank with zero balance (now overdrawn due to the deduction they have made). I guess my only option is to close the lloyds bank account that way they cannot take any money off me that I do not have. My lloyds bank account is a seperate account from my loan one so I am surprised they could do this. We learn, first think monday I will settle the overdraft so I have 0,00 in my bank and close it. Do you know if they can stop me closing it all? thanks
  12. Lloyds have just deducted a £25.00 charge off me for not paying my loan with them even though I have written to say I cannot afford the payments and offered a pro rata amount (which I am waiting for a reponse on). This has now made me go overdrawn, are they allowed to do this?
  13. Thank you for the letter, lots of them leave messages on my answering machine so they will now be receiving this.
  14. Hi Bazooka Boo Thanks for the quick response, I will quickly go in and print off a copy of my statement. My other account is with Nationwide, which I have had for many years and my husband has just moved to Santander, neither which I believe are in the Lloyds group (Nationwide isn't owned by any bank so believe is safe) I have lots of other creditors, foolishly I took out credit with many companies i.e. egg, M&S, Co-op etc. The payments I am making are what I offered them and not what they have wanted me to pay. Can I go back to Lloyds and tell them that I do not authorise them to take any payments out of my bank account as I have cancelled the direct debit. I have only left £10 in it anyway and have since moved all other bills to my new account anyway so have no need to leave money in my Lloyds account. Thanks for the help.
  15. Hi Thanks for the update, glad to see you are coping with it. I am in my 18 month of trying to sort my debts out and like you have to send letters out nearly every week to one of the DCA's. You mention about not talking to the DCA's on the phone, which as I have caller display I am able to ignore them, however they do tend to send letters asking for you to call them back, you mention the telephone harassment letter, do you perhaps have a copy of that you can post on here so I can copy it? Thanks and good luck with clearing your debts , I am of the same mind of you, I made the debts so therefore I should pay them off, so far most seem happy that I am at least paying them something rather than trying to worm my way out of it, but things may change : )
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