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  1. ok sar received from cabot and vanquis but neither include copies of statements and vanquis have not sent any copies of letters they have written to me - should i go back to them to ask them to fulfil the request more any help much appreciated
  2. Ok so today I received a letter from Cabot, who have bought my debt, in response to my SAR letter I sent them. They have stated that they are putting together an encrypted CD to me and this will be with me soon, but I can have it in paper format if I would prefer. They have said though that they cannot guarantee that they have an up to date credit agreement on their files or that they have all the statements on me and that I would have to ask Vanquis for this part. I have actually written to Vanquis and asked for all information they have on me too, but if Cabot have bought the debt should they not have been given all information on me at the time of purchase? Also any ideas if I should keep with the CD or go with the paper format? Greatly appreciate any help available.
  3. I have today received a further letter from Cabot asking me to telephone them - I am reluctant to do this for obvious reasons. I have emailed them, but they are basically stating that I have failed to contact them. This is not true. I have also written to them to say that I am in the process of getting an SAR. I have asked the original lender for a SAR and sent the letter to them last week and informed Cabot that this is what I had done. Cabot have now bought the debt. They keep adding charges to the account, charges which I think are unfair as I had to wait 9 months for a CCA. Would you suggest that I send a letter to Cabot asking for an SAR and send it recorded delivery? Would you suggest that I contact Cabot direct for a SAR now? Many thanks in advance
  4. Cabot are working on behalf of Vanquis, but Cabot sent the CCA to me and it is a genuine one from the internet so no signature.
  5. Ok duly noted about emails. I would agree with you on this point too as I sent them an email and they did not respond at all! I will write to them at Vanquis, but any idea on what letter would be the best to send to Cabot re: charges or any idea of what I can put in the letter? I have the SAR one Many thanks
  6. Help please if possible. I have written to Cabot to tell them, because I thought it was being polite, that I will be contacting Vanquis direct to request a SAR. Cabot are still charging me interest, even though when I was first contacted by them 9 months ago, I asked for a CCA which took 9 months to arrive, therefore I would have thought that these charges were unlawful. I have asked for them to remove these charges from my account, but still only this month they have charged more. Cabot have been trying to call me on my mobile to set up a payment plan, but I have not answered any calls. I need to write them a letter to tell them to stop calling me and to stop adding charges to my account, does anyone know which letter would be best which includes these two different criteria? Does anyone please have an email address for Vanquis - the headquarters where the data controller sits? Many thanks
  7. even though they have said that if I do not reply within 14 days they will take further action, or do I wait until they contact me saying that I have not replied and then tell them I am waiting for a response to an SAR:|
  8. Many thanks for this. When I request a SAR from Vanquis, should I inform Cabot that nothing can be done until the SAR is satisfied?
  9. Hi, 9 1/2 months after requesting a CCA from Cabot for my Vanquis agreement I finally get it. It does appear that it is me, I cannot deny it there is proof and I suppose I have to face up to it, (not that I ever did deny it) but what has intrigued me is that they have continued to add penalty charges onto the account stating that it is 'live' since this time and have sent a report to state this. Would it be good to go down the route of and SAR and see what other charges they have applied? They have asked me to telephone them to set up a payment plan stating that they have advisors who can help to find the best way to settle. Of course, I know that telephoning is not an option and will never do this, but they have only given me 14 days since I have had to wait for 9 1/2 months - is 14 days a standard timeframe to contact them? I am not sure. I have managed to sort out all of my other debts and set up payment plans, but this one has certainly taken the longest and is proving the hardest. Any advise is very greatly appreciated. Many thanks And why send it to arrive on Friday 13th, do they think this is significant? It looks as if the CCA was actually printed on 28 April last year, but I have only got it!
  10. No sorry no information as yet, but will let you know when I receive some.
  11. After settling on a payment plan at the beginning of this year, I have today received a letter to say that they will be increasing my direct debit payment by 10%. My question is ... Can they do this? My salary has not increased by 10%. Also would it be more appropriate to stop the direct debit and set up a standing order? Many thanks
  12. I sent Wescot an email as they sent another letter chasing the debt. They obviously had not received the letter I sent or they had ignored it. Anyway I got a reply to say that they would be back in touch with me and the account had been put on hold. I basically told them that I had still not received a Notice of Assignment but that circumstances had not changed. I will respond further when I have more information
  13. Here is the new thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?318074-Wescot-and-Barclaycard&p=3537491#post3537491
  14. Today I have received a letter saying that Barclaycard have instructed Wescot to act on their behalf to collect the debt outstanding on my card. Previously this had been with Moorcroft and following correspondence between me and Moorcroft which included an I&E, they informed me that the debt had been passed back to Barclaycard. Should I follow the same advice as before eg the prove it letter as they have not determined if I am me, just sent a letter saying 'pay this amount' of 'Telephone this number' Any Advice is very welcome. Also should Barclaycard tell me that the debt has been passed on? Many thanks
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