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  1. Hi Everybody, I'm Sorry I've not been on here before now, I'm Devastated. I knew that they wouldn't fund me before I went, It Was soft of me to think they would. It was The Special Care Unit, Of The Dental Hospital, Carol had to leave at 10 30 to see someone else, They said they needed to do X Rays etc, So I stayed there without her. From us going in, He was The Nicest Guy, Really Positive, He said, I Promise I;m going to do my best, To give you your Smile back, I was sat there thinking, He's going to do them for me, Then he said, The NHS Funding is very limited, Implants are done very Rarely, And they're mainly only ever done for people who have suffered Severe Facial Traumer , Car Crash,(born without teeth) Or who have had Mouth Cancer, And Can't have Denture fitted to stay in. I had to keep Stopping Talking, Because I was Crying, I Asked how come it says that the reasons of getting them fitted , Which they have listed on the NHS Sites were, If missing either half your teeth on the bottom or top jaw before turning 40 ? Or if you have a Medical Reason that you Can't Wear A Pallet , And Medical Support to back it up?, I said, You ve got 2 Medical Refairals. Of 2 Diff GP s He said, Teeth Aren't Classed Under Medical as such , A Doctors Refairal Isn't certain, Because they Don't have input regarding teeth, Because they Don't know what The Treatments concist of, Or if The Treatment is going to be right for the person So I said, Any Letters I;ve got Confirming This, Arnt going to make a difference, Were as i thought the More Support, The Better, No it doesn't change or alter detitions MENTAL Health Issues, Arent used as a Reason to back up support because, In the past when they've done it, On that ground, It's made people with Mental health issues worse? I said so being refaired here because of health problems, Because it's causing me Anxiety. And Suffering Panic Attacks because of this, Doesnt meen anything He said it doesn't prove it's because of my teeth, He said I believe you, But it's not solid for you to be concidered for funding? I said NO, I was Epileptic, I Accepted that, The rest came after Seizure Outside, There's a letter of My Support Worker Confirming this, 2 GPs and My Councilor, Confirming This, He shook his head, It doesn't matter I said,So I'm sat here, Saying this means everything to me, You don't know how I feel, So please don't say you do, Its affected My Daughters life as well as mine . This would give me my life back He said , We can fit you with a Denture, I just said I give up I cant do this again, He said no ,we can still get you smiling, We can fit the denture, Then see how you are, I Said have you read the notes why I Cant wear it? He said reasons you CANT wear it, Or YOU WONT wear them. I Said your talking about NHS Funding, YET telling me to just get them fitted, And try? This is nt the first time I've gone through this, I've done this for almost 10yrs. I ve tried them, It's A risk I'm Not willing to take, Why do that again and waste more NHS Money and My Time, When I know I wont use, ? That would cost, The NHS how much Funding? When I'm Sat here Saying to you, I wont, So I came home, Again, Feeling like crap, Face actually still red and puffy from crying 2 days ago, Never felt so low in my life x Thank you all who tried to help xx
  2. Yes I agree, I think that they've done it to loads of people as well, Who don't know about it, On all the Forums, There's Complaints about the Company, But no one I've saw has got anywhere, I Even come cross 2 Guys who had EBID.COM taken from there Account just like me, And they never paid out? Yet they've just left it when the Bank has said No. I mean that £1.99 to Ebid . They said it was set up from my Cash Card? I Dont understand how it works, But It doesnt change the fact that I Still Canceled The Card, Back in 2009, Because of it, I paid £5.00 to get a New Card Re Issued, And then 2 weeks later £1.99 Started Getting Taken Again. When I've Complained, I've been passed from one person to another to another, Just Fobbed Off, Then An Arrogant git, Rang last week saying, As the Ebid is past 13 Months, I'm Not Entitled to claim it back, And they can't accept it under Fraud because of the time past 13mths, As for the 3 Insurances, They asked why I Hadn't Mentioned them before now, ? Maybe Because I Wasn't aware of them.. Not entitled to claw back because they've been up and running for almost 3 years. I Explained Id since had A Breakdown and had been in Hospital, Also I Hadn't Signed for anything, He Said, Company Policy , I was that p%ssed off, And Angry I was almost in tears. You NEVER get put through to Complaints or a Manager they never transfare you to anybody, And your on the call, On hold, For 15mins before talking to someone, It costs a fortune
  3. Just saw the mess about ringing up the fos. Im a bad wimp on phone. If i get nervous or panicky i stuter then hang up. So soft. I did ring ombudsman up and they said until the bank send me a letter saying there doing no more only then can they look into it. The bank gave me until friday gone to find a new account bcoz they were closing mine. Yet its still open. There head workers. X
  4. And no they haven't written in the 3 yrs theyve been taking it from my bank. Its a set up rolling contract for a ten years policy. I never heard of it x
  5. Quick update. Rather than sitting worrying. Ive contacted MP s secretary. Waiting for reply. Got 2 refs of councilor annd Carol. And Carol is taking me on the day. Now i feel sick thinking about ir x
  6. Thank you, I know there just hoping ill leave it. When they rang me over house insurance with them. They sounded the best. So i agread. As it turns out they then send clients details to Millenium insurance brokers, who in turn pay the bank a percentage lol. So ive been paying for 2 Policys i knew nothing about. Plus the brokers charge. I knew nothing about nor agreed to. Who would be the best to contact to try and get the money off insurance policys. Millenium. Or thinkinsurance? Im ready to snap with bank they constantly contradicting themselves. Im getting nowhere tbh x
  7. [this is the first time ive come across anything similar to mine. About 8 yrs ago my bank rang me about taking home insurance out with them. It sounded great and i agread. I took iill after this so none of this even entered my head. Only going through old mail and sorting it out ive come across 2 Policys i wasnt aware of for Key Insurance and Life insurance. Id never signed or agreed to. One was for 11.55. The other 6.95 a month. For ten years on a rolling contract. With Millenium Insurance Brokers? As it turns out my vank speaks to there clients over taking out Insurance with them. They then pass details over to Millenium Insurance Brokers, Who pay the bank a percentage for each Clients details that.they give them , So the Brokers charge you so much percentage a year, Which I never even knew of. The House Insurance iis seperate to the two policys Surely they can't have any right to take out the other 2 Policys. Especialy for ten years. That's why i had no letters from them they are Rolling Contracts Who would i be the best contacting to claim them back please. Thank you QUOTE=mungos mum;2192159]Hi 42 Man Thank you for getting back to me and sorry for my delay in replying. Our understanding is that our broker was also a packager for the lender. We have been told that the packager only had a verbal agreement from the lender to package mortgages for them and that they did around about 600 cases with this lender. Having done quite a bit of research on the web etc we believe that unless there was a proper written agreement between packager and lender, then the packager was not allowed to instruct valuers nor were they allowed to conduct credit searches, but they did instruct valuers and they did credit searches all without this agreement. We are in despute with the lender at the moment about the valuations and could really do with some clarity on this point. Many thanks Mungos Mum
  8. Yes theyr'e definatly messing about, The first week i was getting passed from one person to another, Then i got the woman who rang me up saying they had looked into it and nothing was intitled to be paid back to me, Simply Company Policy, As it was After 13 weeks, , Thats when i said Ok, That's fine, I'm taking it further, Can you send me a Letter to Confirm You wont pay me back, So I can contact The Ombudsman, They said,. You will recieve a Letter Stating This, Within 6/8 weeks, From Our Complaints Department, Which's Company Policy, They'll be in contact with you. The next day, I got A Letter of them saying, Due to Recent Issues I've 2 wks, To Open an other Account, As I'm No Longer Welcome With Them. I then got another letter last week, Saying, They're Sorry, It's still not dealt with, And She will be in touch, By the 13 March , They Are DEFINATLY Messing About.
  9. They wont deal with it until final saying off the bank. Which there in no rush do do x
  10. Yes it is the bank. Millenium is part of the think money group aswell. Ive tried ombudsman but i cant until ive got a letter saying thinkmoneys final desition which o know theyre not going to change there mind with them ready to close my account. Sorry not sure what u mean. It smells?
  11. Hya. Its driving me mad. Ive tried theough the the dd claw back. But i cant explain this. My bank. Thinkmoney. Rang me about 6 yrs ago. About house insurance. Which sounded great so said yes. Go forward to now. been ill last few years. Just got a support worker going through my letters etc. Shes handed over 2 Policies. Ten year rolling contracts. With Millenium insurance brokers. I had knew nothing about as it is once the bank knows you're interested they then give all details to millenium brokers. Who then give thinkmoney a percentage to for giving my details. The brokers make money. And the bank aswell. Never signed or knew anything about. When i rang up about this they just dismissed me. I got a letter the next day saying ive 2 wks to ffind another bank. As im no longer welcome in theirs
  12. Hi. Ive rang up about the 1 insurances they took out when rhe house insurance was agread. Even though. Life and key policys are totaly diff. And run for ten years. Not counting my house insurance. To get the 2 extra policies they've gave my details to an insurrance vroker. Millennium. Ten year rolling contract. Ive never heard of or knew about them. they said im not intitled to any payback as its over thirteen mths
  13. Thanks for your support honey x
  14. Thanks again. Im going through things as everyone tells me something. My gp refaired me directly to lpool dental hospital. Under health issues. Not cosmetic etc. His reason for not doing them arent bcoz of any danger or risk with me. Or me going under anestetic. Ive not been told of any risks concurning my epilepsy just pro s. . Its simply bcoz he doesnt find i fit his agenda to get treated there. As i havent suffered severe mouth traumer. No one coukd even understand a quarter of how this affects me day to day. Alot probly sounds awful bcoz it is vanity ,And I hate myself for this. Its not just my life it's messed up , It's My Daughters , And I'll never forgive myself for that. But I'm trying to correct that now I'm not living, just existing. I Can't look in a mirror. I Cant meet new people , I cant talk without covering half my face with my hands ,I havent had a picture taken with my daughter since she was 3. Bcause I'd spoil it. My future is in the hands of a guy who turned me down to have them done, First time. I dream of getting the whitest brightest teeth. Id sleep smiling. Id take so many selfies people will hate me. And i wont care. 8/9 yrs of hiding away. Id try to eventually then to do some kind of course in college for counciling for adults who have the same kind of confidence issues. I've my future planed out. . I"m so scared already because if he says no. I've no where to turn and he's making it the final decision, I've held onto this hope for so long, to not have a maybe to hold onto ive nothing to look to. I dont want that
  15. Thank You Honey. Everyones been great, I'm starting to get Stressed just thinking about it already.I'm Dreading to think how I will be on the day. It's the fact that it's the same guy as last time, He made me feel worse after going, The thought of him saying the same again, I Find it Crazy, That even with refairal off A GP, And Medical Support, The Dentist Still has the last word xx I Mean, It Would Give Me My Life Back Again, And I''ll be waiting to find out if it's Yes or No From the same man who said No last time x
  16. Thank you. X. Im going to ask carol to come in early. She knows what it meens to me. And in going to get sone letters of gp. Support worker and myy councilir to confirm what im saying. Im seeing her as ive no confidence x
  17. Yes i know your right. Just thinking of it i start stressing and ive 3 wks to go. So much rangs on me getting them. They dont realise z
  18. Was going to do that. But i might have to wait another month or two so figured best to get there x
  19. Hya i normaly have a support worker but with the app being 9 am. And theyve asked me to be there fifteen mins early. Its an hour from mine travel. So will have to leave at 8. Carol doesnt start untill 9 30 x
  20. When i have a grand mal. Its my tongue i bite quite bad. Lucky enough ive been with peopke so theyve stopped me swallowing it. If i had palet the force i hit the floor theyd be out. Risking choaking. Implants dont move. Id wear a shield to protect at night etc x
  21. Im sorry i misread this. Beed a bigger mobile. I thought it meant why cant i wear palets. Thats what i get asked x
  22. f16 thank you. Im trying my best not to get excited incase i get told no again. I told them last time how i felt. How much of a huge effect it had on my life. Completly opened up when he said no. It was awful. I cant handle that again x
  23. I Cant begin to tell you how good it is to know not everyone agrees with the guy i saw, Now today (crazy after us talking of it) the second letter was sent to the lpool dental hospital month ago. I got a letter today with an appointment 11 th march, Thing is its the same guy as last time, i dnt think he s going to change his oppinion However I Emailed a few Complaint Emails off a few weeks ago, I Received 3 Reply s, Which said basically the same as The first guy at the Hospital I saw a few years ago, IMPLANTS AREN'T MEDICAL,THEY'RE COSMETIC, Hearing that Drives me mad. Then I read one off A Lady From... NHS ENGLAND, From A Lady Who Is A Customer Contact Case Officer, Who was disgusted, By the fact I'd been Refused previously, She asked for my GPs details, And My DOB , Along with permission, To Contact who need be, To See What Can Be Done? She Was Lovely. I Thank You So Much, For everyones advice and help, I'm still taking Notes of it all, Just Incase I'm Refused Again, think about it , Thank You For ALL Your Advice.I really do appreciate all of it . Does anyone happen to know just how much of an influence, NHS England is? Do I still go next month, And see The Guy at The Liverpool Univercity Hospital? Also My GP Refaired Me On Mental Health, Not Cosmetic, It Was The Guy I Saw At The Hospital, Who Has The Final Say, Who Said That Implants Were Only For Those Who Had Severe Trauma To There Mouth (ie Car Accident) .Or Mouth Cancer, He Didn't Think I Fitted The Criteria, To Be entitled Thanks Again for taking time out to help x
  24. Thank you honeybee. Ill do that now z
  25. No otherwise id have none left years ago. My epilepsys triggered through. Lack of sleep. And stress. So with me suffering Anxiety and pannic attacks. Its making me worry about being alone and having a grand mal
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