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  1. I just got this email today :- Dear Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act) Complaint Against: Philips Collection Services Ltd Licence No: 491286 Thank you for your email received on 8 June 2009. I apologise for the delay in responding to you. I am very sorry to hear about the difficulties have been experiencing, however, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has no authority to become involved in individual disputes between consumers and traders so we cannot advise you directly in this matter. I enclose a list of organisations
  2. hehe, I love the email you just wrote, just wish I thought of the idea of every text message that I got from Philips to send them emails like yours. Great post, keep up the good work.
  3. Then the day after which was yesterday my appointment for the cab office arrived. The lady I spoke to was very helpful, she contacted Philips herself and was told that she couldn't put a hold on the debt, it was infact the council who could. She asked them if they were a bailiff or a collection agency, they replied that they were acting as a collection agency. Also, if you read the letter above in that they wanted £30.00 a month, they told this cab woman that they wouldn't accept anything less that £40.00 a month. It went up £10.00 since I was sitting there. She then telephoned the
  4. Thank you Big boss Man for your help. I got a letter from them regarding my email to Mr Bradley. Dear ..... Your email dated the 6 June has been passed to me to deal. I am sorry you feel the need to complain with regards to the way your account has been handled. The account was passed to us by Middlesbrough Borough Council and a letter issued to you on the 20 May to advise we were now dealing with the collection of the outstanding amount. Our records show that a reply to your letter was sent out to you on the 4 June. When we receive cases from our client we have a s
  5. Thank you Big Boss Man, I today got a letter from Philips stating that they cannot hold my account and still want payment within 7 days. I also got a email from my MP asking me for their address and contact info so they can speak to them direct and see if they can sort something out. Will keep you informed.
  6. Here is my letter to Oft, plus a copy of it went to my Mp Philips Collection Services Limited - Licence Number 0491286 My Philips reference no: blahblahblah To whom it may concern, The following is a letter that I have sent to Philips Collection Services: Dear Mr Bradley I received a letter from yourselves a few weeks back stating that Middlesbrough Council has passed my case over to them. It's regarding of Overpaid Housing benefit going back about 4 or more years now. The total you have on the letter comes to £1,923.08. When I got this le
  7. Cat, I just want to wish you the best of luck with these guys, I'm too suffering from these ppl with their constant telephone calls and text messages. Keep fighting, and like me barricade yourself in the house, good luck!
  8. Thanks, I telephone my council today to see if they will indeed take back my case and they said 'No'. It's Philips that I should speak to as they have taken on my case. Not looking forward to speaking to them as I have heard they harrass you over the phone. But, here goes nothing. Wish me luck.
  9. Thanks for getting back to me, I would love to have the email address for the chief of executive of philips, so that I can complain. I'm dreading on what might come today in the post, and what the text message of today will say. I'm going to write to the council and see what they say also, plus get in touch with my local councillor. It's not that I'm refusing to pay, I just want them to back off and wait till I have been to my appointment and discussed my financial cirmstances.
  10. Hiya, I'm new here, so apologise if I have put this post in the wrong part of the forum. I need some advice. A received a letter from Philips a few weeks back stating that Middlesbrough Council has passed my case over to them. It's regarding of Overpaid Housing benefit going back about 4 or more years now. The total they have on the letter comes to £1,923.08. When I got this letter, I wrote to them telling them that I could not possibly pay the full amount up, plus my husband has had to leave work due to illness. Myself, I didn't work, looked after my daughter. We are in the proce
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