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  1. looking for phone number now, I'm assuming that the offices will be closed at this time but will contact them tomorrow, Does Interpretation Act apply in this situation? According to the interpretations act if I am suppoused to send the TE9 form by post and I do so, legally the document is deemed served in the normal course of post, is that correct? or am I missing something? neither the bailiff company or TEC replied to my e-mails asking for clarification and explanation on what is going on... Can I just notify the bailiff company that the account is in dispute and pending resolution I wil
  2. no idea, I even e-mailed them couple weeks ago asking how long will I have to wait for a NtO and they just said its up to local authority... I was just doing some reading on out of time statutory declarations and I'm not sure if I should do it if I already sent the original TE9 ??? btw it's a bit of a pain to get it signed by someone in court, would have to take some time off work. should I just pay the bailiff to make sure that the car is safe and after getting it all sorted out claim the money back? or will it be a battle that I could not win?
  3. the story so far: in april 2011 i got a pcn while sitting in the car, decided not to pick it up ( I know - a bit stupid but the parking attendant really... was really annoying ) about a month or two ago i got a order for recovery of unpaid penalty charge, tried downloading the TE9 form from website but couldn't, so I e-mailed them, we exchanged about 5 e-mails, the form they sent me was a pdf file to which I wasn't able to make any changes so in the end I just sent the paper copy that I received with the order for recovery, and waited for the NtO. on saturday, I got a letter
  4. well this is just wrong... still no answear to question "What did the sign say about towing and storage?" I would also like to know what did it say about clamping... and just for clarification - they applied to change the registered keeper living You as the registered owner of the car, is that correct?
  5. rossendales just gave me the amounts of money they want, council still failed to confirm anything but full year was like 1200 or 1400 pounds so I doubt thats the case, besides the agency was meant to contact council and let them know that I'm moving out. Thanks for replying and I think that until I get proper information from council I will just forget about it, from what I read on the forum rossendale blokes are not the best bunch ever but I will hold my own and send them away if it comes to that... btw if they send someone over and he/she fails to provide me with their county court re
  6. right, on monday I requested information from council regarding any information on my previous address - its friday and guess what, still nothing, I can't find all my payments for council tax so I must have got rid of them at some point thinking that I will not need them any more, I've traced back some payments made online with my bank card but its not even close to full council tax payments, calling council means waiting on the line for 20 minutes and ends with me getting fed up with waiting and hanging up... on a plus side I had no further letters from rossendales so is it possible that coun
  7. Hi all, I've just received two letters from Rossendales, both with the same date on them, my correct details, both about council tax that I'm pretty sure I've paid (in the process of digging up old receipts). The council tax is for the property I no longer live in, in fact I've moved in march 2009... first of those two letters is 400 pounds and the second one is for 800 pounds with the same client reference numbers but different rossendales ref no's, they're not signed, just printed "Bailiff Manager" at the bottom. In the letter it says: " Despite previous correspondence you have not
  8. since You have been making payments than its not statutory barred... I'm not sure if You are still allowed to CPR them after the judgement but definatelly the fact that they haven't responded to SAR does work in Your advantage, well at least a little bit keep us up to date, and maybe you should also try and ask for advice in a part of the forum about courts and judgements... good luck, A
  9. Hi, did the letter to bank work ?? did they stop bank charges? if Yes than I'm definately going to send one as well, during this year I must have had around 700 pounds of bank charges... the whole 5 pounds a day in halifax is just ****
  10. as long as You don't acknowledge the debt itself and do not wish to be visited any more attempts on their side to collect could be treated as harrasment.
  11. I never bought a ticket - in all fairness this is my fault because I was late... still, if the mistake would be on my side they would not hasitate and use it to make me pay, so why shouldn't I use the fact that they made a mistake? maybe its just a bit too honest but thats what I think
  12. contravention code 83 I was on a phone with council today and asked what is the observation time and have been told that its 5 minutes I have just checked the Hounslow lip and it clearly states that observation time is minimum 10 minutes. So - on a phone they say its 5 min, in response to my e-mail they said there is no minimum observation time, and in a LIP it says its minimum of 10 minutes. Its confusing, what now??
  13. Hello, I have quite a problem... I have PCN stating that my car was beeing observed for 3min. I went to Council asking what to do with it and that I think its not fair that I only had that little time, and have been asked to fill out some form and I just got the answear saying that they "noted" my comments but I still have to pay PCN. I got it in Hounslow, when I've sent e-mail to Hounslow Council asking how much time do I have from the moment of parking to the moment when officer can give me a PCN, and I said that in parking attendant handbook it says that I have 5 minutes, In repl
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