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  1. Sorted out the personal details. What do people think about MBNA not signing it? The rep has put her hame at the bottom but no signature.
  2. Hello Recently i sent a SAR request to MBNA and got the CCA back with it. I got the credit card in August 2005. The agreement itself was completed and signed in a football shop, through a Rep from MBNA who was there. Looking at the CCA i've noticed they, the credit card company, hasn't signed the agreement. Is this valid? Finally MBNA have recently put up my interest from 15.9% to 34.9% and i have never read or signed anything for them to do this. It may all be above board. Could someone me help please? Here is the front and back of the agreement. The front has terms 1 - 3b. It mentions section 4 on the right hand side before missing payments, but that isn't on the sheet. On the back sheet the rep filled it in and i initialed. The rep never asked for my bank details. At the bottom of the page "For representatives use only" i've noticed a few things like "completed by customer" the rep ticked the boxes yes and no. She never asked for any ID either. And finally their is no signature of the credit card company on the form.
  3. Abbey have sent me everything they have on me from 2001 - 2008. On anothe note i sent a SAR to capital one and MBNA on the 18th June and still haven't heard anything. They have 9 days left before the 40 day time limit is up. What will i have to do if nothing gets sent? Tony
  4. Sent a SAR for a closed abbey account on the 18th June and got this today.
  5. Hello people Can someone advise on this please. My mum is on disability and has run up quite a bill with her mbna card. What does she need to do besides sending the hardship letter template and spreadsheet. Does she need to send a disability letter or put what she has in the hardship letter template? Tony
  6. Sent letters today to abbey, capital one and mbna :grin:
  7. I'm in the process of Sending the Abbey a SAR which i want going back to 1995. So i reckon i'll be in the same boat as you.
  8. Thanks people After reading up a bit on SAR i've decided to send the Abbey a letter. If i can't find my old account number for them will it matter? Is there a template for old bank accounts requesting information? Regards Tony
  9. Hello people Nice to have found this site. Right i'm currently with Barclays bank and have been since July 2008. Anyway i have finally cracked up tonight after being charged £22 from last month that's now put me over into my reserve fee again tonight. I have had these charges off and on now so i'm quite peed off with it. I have just ordered the lawpack-small claims kit by the way. What else do i need to do? How do i go about getting all information since i joined Barclays bank? What steps should I take then? Before Barclays i was with the Abbey. Can i possibly do the same with them? Thanks Distressed
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