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  1. I can call til tmw and I know #I won't sleep tonight now... Really worried. Is it true then that council tax is exempt from Statue Barred? I tried to google it but nothing came up.
  2. I he does come - the only real thing I have of value is the car and that is in my husbands name - can he take that as we're married?
  3. Hi I'm really stressed out! My parents phoned me this evening to say that they had a bailiff on their doorstep yesterday trying to enforce some debt from back in 2002 when I lived at an address in Liverpool. My parents said that I had not lived at their address since 1999and refused to give him my forwarding address. Mum gave me the bailiffs number to call and so I did. He said that the debt was with regard to unpaid council tax from 2002, and that he was not from a debt collection agency, he was a High Court Bailiff. When I asked him what dates specifically it related to he didn't know, but he said that I owe a total of £1189. I at no point admitted any liability, but asked what the terms were for repayment. He said that there were no terms - it was a payment of all of it or removal of goods. I said that this was ridiculous and that he must be able to offer some from of breakdown of payments but he said no. I refused to give him my new address and said that I was going to try and get proof that I didn't owe it. He said that was fine but that if he found my address in the mean time he would come and repossess my stuff. I'm terrified! I have a 2 year old son and I have no money to spare... Can this come under the Statute Barred thing or not because its a court bailiff and ruling? Help urgently required
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