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  1. Webpage Last updated 2016 will put in a complaint as quite inaccurate
  2. Hi haven't posted for a while but found this online https://www.counciltaxadvisors.co.uk/blog/who-are-scotcall-debt-collection-agents-and-what-powers-do-they-really-have/ Quote from site Once you have let the debt collection agents in one, they are entitled to re-enter your home whenever they choose to return again. This is exactly why letting in a Fidélité debt collection agent is not a decision that should be made under pressure. If you do not grant entry to the Fidélité agents on the first occasion, you will still be well within your rights to reject the
  3. good so they could face fine and points another way to cause them problems
  4. Hi all just wondering about the doorstep collectors using their own cars and if standard insurance will be enough or will they need something like hire/reward policy. sorry if this has been asked before.
  5. here is a guide hope it helps https://www.gov.uk/christmas-bonus/overview
  6. it was a missing xmas bonus just got a letter today to confirm
  7. thanks makes sense but I am sure that I got my xmas bonus
  8. Hi all when I checked my bank today for my esa payment i found an extra esa payment of £10 was put in yesterday 24/06 and my normal payment today has this happened to anyone else. tried to call dwp but on hold for over an hour.
  9. had live chat with Kati jo on council tax advisors and asked why they have misleading info on there sites and was assured that that page will be removed just to add it was tuesday 26/05 at 12.00 that i spoke with them .
  10. I would also get in touch with BBC watchdog/rouge traders
  11. Just found this directly contradicts the info in the above link information that the DWP released yesterday in their updated booklet for HCP's https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/313570/pip-assessment-guide.pdf
  12. very true plus I can not find this on any other site ( benefits & work, disability alliance )
  13. hope this is not true http://www.ldascotland.org/index.php/welfare-reform/122-the-dwp-turns-nasty-on-personal-independence-payment-claimants
  14. Hi I get the alert when I serch on google on the results page mmf shows as having a red cross next to it rather than a green tick
  15. Hi all just searched mmf web site on google and norton flags it as a red site with a drive by down load
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