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  1. Right, so I have put in a CCA request with hillesden 14 working days ago and still nothing... what do I do know? As background, I had a debt with Citi for £3.5k, they sold it to DLC and it's now £8.8k! I emailed them on June 4 asking for a CCA and statment of account, they replied saying it was being ordered. I chased yesterday and they replied saying my account was suspended whilst the docs were on order. However, I have passed to 12 working day limit, so what do I do now?
  2. But what if they never provide one. I sent them an email on June 4 asking for a CCA this up and had a response the next day. I emailed yesterday and they replied saying the docs had been ordered and the account was now suspended. If I haven't had anything by Monday, what can I do. You see, I had a loan with citi for £3.5k which they sold to DLC and is now £8.8k!!! I had paid most of the loan off with Citi. Any ideas?
  3. What happens if they are unable to produce the CCA etc? And how long is considered to be a reasonable amount of time for them to do as such?
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