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  1. Thankyou, I look forward to recieving it. In my opinion I think they know they can't take me to court - they've been chasing me for this and threatening me for 5 years now. I've had CCJs and I know how quick they turn around, and if they were going to do this, they could have done years ago.
  2. Argh! I had a letter today from Hillesden. Enclosed was an enlarged copy of the agreement I posted and a letter stating: Thankyou for your letters dated November 2 and 4. (Referring to the request for info and the second letter regarding the charges) Hillesden Securities Ltd are happy to rely on the enclosed documents in any future proceedings in relation to the construction of the agreement and legibility of the documents. Please take this as our final reponse on this matter. What do I do now?
  3. The acceptance letter stating the money was in her account is dated november 17 2007 and the first payment was march 2 2008
  4. I wonder if anyone can help me. My mum has a loan with Lloyds Bank. She was a pensioner when she took out the loan but was sold payment protection along with the laon. She is quite deaf and does not understand financial situations. She does has have a tendancy to say yes to anything she does not understand so was probably asked the question 'do you wish to have payment protection?' but would not have understood & probably would have said 'yes, ok'. Would she have a case to have the loan cancelled?
  5. I will indeed. Have the letter to send out ready tomorrow, so fingers crossed. Thanks for all your help!
  6. Yay! How do i tell them this? Please help? Your letter the other was fab and was a lovely poke in the eye for them!
  7. That's fab. So, should I write to DLC stating that this is unenforcable, or do I wait upon a reply to my earlier letter. Sorry to use you as a crutch.
  8. Great! How do I go about doing this? I called a company who are supposed to help with this and they want to charge me £1200! Obvioulsy I don't have this.
  9. If it helps aswell, they've added almost £3k of charges
  10. Thanks for your help on this guys!
  11. I'll take a pic of it tonight and post it.
  12. Sorry, I don't have a scanner otherwise I would do that. Regards to the other agreements - I've had none, wel;l not that I can remember. The monkey on the end of the phone told me they'd had no communication from me regarding documentation copies - even though I have email replies from them acknoowledging my request!
  13. I have had a bad photocopy of my agreement (signed in 2004) and that's it. It's so small I can't even read it - they've copied A4 into A5 size. Nothing else.
  14. These people have started hassling me again. I've just had a heated conversation with one of their monkeys who have told me that a) they don't need to send me any documentation (they have sent the credit agreement, but not the statement) and b) that they've applied for a attachement of earnings. I wrote to the stating that if they could prove that i owe them this money I'd be happy to make a monthly payment but I've heard nothing until today. Any help would be appreicated.
  15. Yup and then I sent them the Account In Dispute letter on June 24. And I haven't seen the agreement- it hasn't arrived yet,
  16. yesterday I recieved an email saying that a copy of the agreement had been sent but no statements. They then asked for payment information. I said I would not be responsing until all of my requested documents were receieved. This is what they said to that Dear Miss Stowell Client: CitiFinancial Europe We acknowledge receipt of your email received today, for which contents has been duly noted. As previously advised in the interim we still require your payment proposals in respect to the outstanding balance. Failure to respond within the next 7 days may lead to furthe
  17. Can anyone help? I sent them the In Dispute letter on 24th June and I've heard nothing since. What do I do now?
  18. Oooh, well yesterday they text me, I called them and said my account was suspended. They them emailed me asking me to contact them urgently, so I sent them the Account In Default letter, so fingers crossed they'll get off my case too.
  19. Thats great! Thanks for your help. Fingers crossed that this'll get them off my back!
  20. That's great. They just say my account is on hold until further notice. I did recieve calls from them on the weekend chasing me for money. Can I send this now? While this is 'on hold', does it still effect my credit rating?
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