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  1. Hi there, I wonder if someone can help me with a saga thats being going on almost a year now. Just before Christmas 2010 I tried to order a toy worth about £93.00 for my sons on the woolworths.co.uk website. I put the order through and used my credit card as payment details but each time I pressed the 'confirm your order' button the site crashed. After numerous attempts I gave up and went elsewhere. I heard nothing until January when my credit card company rang me up to say I was over my card limit. Although money is very tight right now I knew fully well that I should have a
  2. Dear All, Both very sad tales. I was discussing something similar with a friend a few months back which you might find interesting. I told him that I had once been caught shoplifting and how I felt it was quite traumatic waiting to hear from RLP, and he relayed a story along these lines to me. He was shopping at a Tesco's in the Midlands area a couple of years ago and decided to steal some goods for whatever reason. Anyway he was caught exiting the store and asked to go back inside, at which point he decided to try and leg it. He managed about 10 yards before he was 'floor
  3. Hi LOLO, Sorry to hear that - Its been an extremely stressful experiance if I'm being honest - Dealing with the Police was nothing in comparison to the weight this puts on your shoulders. Its been just over a year now and I've seen no letter as yet so I am sincerely hoping thats the end of it, however I do appreciate that they could still send one to me at any time. The goods I stole were worth less than £20.00 and although I have learnt a valuable lesson I really do feel that this is in essence, bullying. That amount of money is nothing to Tescos but RLP appear to be the parasites
  4. They also make an annual PROFIT of around three billion as I understand it.
  5. Dear All, Thankyou again for your comments. Its now been about a year since this happened and I've still received nothing. Although I understand they have three years to take action so I could still find a letter one day, I'm hoping this is the end to it and feel a bit better about things. I have been to a debt advisor regarding my financial issues and have a payment plan in place so am slowly paying off the debts I had - Its going to take about ten years but I'm working hard and am on the right road. I have never stolen anything since - In fact I found a purse whilst walking
  6. Hi Shanty, Thinking back I don't think they had my vehicle reg before the incident. They asked me if it was xxxxxx after I had been in the room some time so I'm assuming they must have played back the tape of me coming into the store to identify it in case I did a runner. Its been about two months now and I still haven't received the letter. I know most of you will not have a lot of sympathy for a 'shoplifter' and I understand that, but this is absolutely killing me as I'm having to get to the post first every morning, and if it arrives after I have left for work I'm stressing all
  7. Many thanks for your advice everyone. I havent seen anything from them yet but will keep you all informed.
  8. Hi All, I wonder if you can offer me some advice. I was recently caught shoplifting in my local Tescos store which seeing as I am a 37 year old father of two, I am very embarrased and disgusted about. I'm in full time employment but in a lot of debt (courtesy of an ex girlfriend from years back) and for some reason decided to try and hide some items in my coat - worth around 15 pound. They stopped me as I left the shop and once in the holding room they called the police despite my attempts to stop them. They were actually (for tescos staff) very intimidating. The police turn
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