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  1. fair enough i will look into it next year. Thanks for the comments everyone, im going to ring the triton tomorrow and see what they say.
  2. Just finished my second year. I had a friend who got something from the hardship fund, but was in the region of about £100, and although thats a good amount of money, it wouldrnt of helped me towards any of this debt. So if i was to ring triton and arrange for a payment plan, they would not ask for much? I been reading online abut them and it seems to be the opposite of what people are saying lol
  3. First off id like to say thanks in advance for any advise which anyone can give me! Ok so basically, ive just finished my second year at uni. When i applied for students loans/grants/student account in my first year, i was approved the loans as well as my student account with natwest and was refused the grants, as at the time i was living with my grandparents, and the reason they gave me for refusing them was because my grandparents were not my 'legal guardians'. The loans were a great help, as well as the overdraft, but they barely covered my rent, so i had to look elsewhere for help. I
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