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  1. Hi Ell-enn, Thank you so much for the form I will speak with my solicitor on Monday and get this signed I will then send to the Sheriffs office and anyone else that sends anything here for him. In reply to the post asking if we are in contact still, not anymore after today .... he is the type to bury his head in the sand and hope it will all go away, shame really because I did really like him
  2. No Im not in Scotland, neither is the creditor but thats the wording used on the court claim sorry to be evaisive I have not had to deal with this sort of thing before.
  3. Hi Seanamarts, Thank you for your reply. Yes I do have a tennancy agreement which is in my sole name, I am not sure if I have broken the law by opening the letters and court documents as they were not addressed to me but I guess I could explain this as well? Do you know if there is anywhere else that will have an address file wich could lead his creditors to this address that I should also send my tennancy agreement too? Thank you so much for your help
  4. I am really hoping that someone can please advise me of what I cando as my ex-partner has run up debts well in excess of £170,000, he had hishouse repossessed shortly before we broke up and stayed at my house for acouple of weeks (he works away 2 weeks out of every 4) 2 or 3 times. During that time I did not put his name onanything to do with my home and I wouldn't allow him to have his post redirected here as I didn't want him to think we were now living together,wehad not been seeing each other for very long. The only thing that does have himon is my car insurance as a named driver as I had
  5. Hi Has there been anymore on this thread as my boyfriend is in the same position, we are expecting them to come and get the car this week but have no idea who or what company will be collecting we just have a name and a mobile number. I am unable to find anything else on here about Arrowhire and help is much appriciated Thanks:|
  6. Hi wonder if anyone out there can help please. Last April I had to attend a meeting and leave my car in a multi story car park in Lincoln. I thought i had paid for a ticket via my mobile phone but to cut a long story short i didnt recieve the text that should have come through to confirm this. Needless to say i returned to my car to find a yellow sticky ticket on the front windscreen which was a "Notice of Excess Charge" however what i did notice was that the car park attendant ha written my registration number down incorrectly (the last two letters were around the wrong way) so i ignored
  7. Thank you very much for all the advice, I will send them the CCA request on Monday and will try and find any paperwork I have that may tell me how old this debit is. I do suspect if it's not already it will be very close to 6 years old. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, This is my first post, I have been reading lots of posts since I became a member in the summer but never had the courage to post until I read this thread today .... You see, for a long time I had been running away from some large debts that I built up during my mid to late 20's at times I thought they had gone away as the letters stopped and the phone calls and the DCA visits ..... This was until around about Oct 2006 when I started to recieve letters again, I had moved house several times but it seemed they had somehow found me. As normal I tried to ignor them and as I
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