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  1. Whoo Hoo!! Just received letter from FOS saying they uphold my complaint that missold ppi and interest should be paid to ME DIRECTLY and not against the outstanding balance of my Egg loan as I have no history of arrears and never consented to the terms and conditions of my loan being changed. This is after Egg credited £4800 against my loan balance in July and I made my initial approach to FOS in August. Had more or less given up hope and am now just SO MADE UP!!! ;-)
  2. An update... Wrote a general rant to a load of consumer champions and copied to Egg. They wrote back 30th july saying that since i had referred my claim to the FOS they would await their review. Rang Egg today for an update and not only was there no change but they said they had no record of having heard from FOS in my case!! I drew their letter 30th July to their attention but still insisted had heard nothing from FOS and file closed! Rang FOS and they were v sympathetic but said all they could really do was send their initial letter again and await the response within 8 weeks..... until
  3. I've had success but tinged with failure as they credited the entire balance due to me - £4800 of ppi payments, interest etc- against the balance of my loan even though I have never missed any payment and no arrears exist on the account. This despite one of their customer service guys actually confirming to me that any refund found to be due would be paid to me personally. I have referred to FOS to sort out. Egg are very crafty and will make things as difficult as they can for you in my experience but DON'T GIVE UP!!!
  4. Most of them here you wouldn't admit to knowing anyway!!
  5. Reply to solicitors letter came in this morning - they are still maintaining they have the right to apply refund to the loan balance and the matter should be referred to FOS if still unhappy. T & C actually say "Except where otherwise provided in this Policy, all refunds of premium and genefits payable under this Policy shall be paid to Us for the credit of the Agreement" Nonetheless my boss (the Solicitor) says this does not apply in a case where the policy is missold as they still should be returning me to the position I would have been in if the policy not missold to me. He has writt
  6. Thanks for the advice aa! Am very fired up about this, especially as have been on another consumer forum where a few other people seem to have come across this exact problem with Egg and as far as I can tell none of them have yet managed to get their money back in their hand although FOS are looking into things in a couple of cases. I notice in my T & C that it states the agreement will comply with laws of England & Wales unless the customer lives in Scotland or N Ireland (I am in NI) in which case the laws of that country apply. I'm now looking at NI statutes to see if I can persua
  7. Just got further message back from Egg saying that as this was a single premium policy it's not refundable to the customer and has to be paid to the loan account - does anyone know what they're getting at or are they just trying to confuse me?!!
  8. Thanks Johnny, the link is very helpful and I think supports my case. I'm a Senior Legal Executive in a N.I. law firm and my boss has agreed to sign a letter on our headed paper calling for full rebate of monies and loan account to be restored to previous balance. Will tell them if not sorted within 7 days will be referring to FOS. Will probably end up having to contact fos anyway but maybe this is worth a try..... will keep ya posted!
  9. Well, the inevitable has happened.. Egg have written acknowledging that ppi was missold and outlining the amount due to me which totals jsut over £4800.00. Happy days I thought - but no. This has been credited in full against the outstanding balance of my egg loan. I have never missed a payment or defaulted in any way and am hopping mad! I rang them and spoke to a manager (a first, normally can't get past the operator!) who says it is a 'business decision' and Egg's policy that if a refund is due and a loan still live they credit the rebate against the loan. I explained that the agreemen
  10. Hi, I am fighting with Egg over missold ppi and getting nowhere fast so far! I am considering issuing Proceedings and would be obliged if anyone could tell me whether I can issue in the NI courts (since I, as Plaintiff, live here) or whether I would need to issue in the jurisdiction of England and Wales. Any advice welcome, especially if anyone else has been in this position! thanks x:|
  11. After waiting for a response to my ppi claim relating to my Egg Loan, I have now been told that they don't actually have to deal with this within the 8 week period as this is merely a guideline suggested by FOS! I first wrote to them in February (stupidly did not send recorded delivery) and then sent 2nd letter in April. They claimed not to have received first letter and said their 8 week investigation period was commencing with receipt of my April letter. Their 8 weeks is up on Thursday of this week and being an impatient kind of gal I rang them yesterday for an update - this is when they
  12. Thanks very much, if I ever get a response from Egg at least I'll know whether they are near the mark!!
  13. Sorry, really am thick - do I do that calculation for each monthly payment of insurance made and then add the totals all together at the end? ie if £20 per month for 12 months first calculation entering 20 with 12 months, second entering 20 with 11 months etc?
  14. I have been through the FOS guidelines for repayment of missold ppi in the case of a loan which is not yet paid off and can follow most of it... but the bit that scambles my brain is where they talk about 8% apr interest payable on all payments made up to the date of repayment - now how the hell do you work that out? anyone with a idiot friendly formula they can share please put me out of my misery!
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