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  1. If I entered an agreed repayment to cover a mortgage short fall, and then I later received an inheritance would I have to disclose to the mortgage company and could they force more to pay more. Thanks
  2. OK. No problems. But I am still of the belief that if it is writing and communicated verbally that it has something - then it should have that something. Also said it had had a full service, son in law took it to a main Ford dealer who informed him it hadn't had a full service, just a few bits done. That can't be correct either can it?
  3. Calm down. I didn't say it was important, I said he was told it had cruise. My son in law bought it and he has never had a car with cruise, so did not think about looking for the controls. But they are not always that evident as early Renault models had them behind the steering wheel. Don't usually get such a high handed response from a CAG Gold Account Holder. Shall I put it down to the weather or perhaps you don't know the answer!
  4. My son in law bought a car on Saturday from the Car Shop. The advertisement and the salesman said it had cruise control. It does not have it. In the terms of business it saysl errors and admissions accepted. Surely something as major as cruise control should not come in this clause. Can you help please. Chris
  5. It can yes and I was surprised it was rejected so quickly. They would not give a reason and they say they are not required to give an explanation for refusal. Mad isn't it. My wife sent off all the documents this afternoon (12th).
  6. Thanks for replying Tomtubby. I do not have the reg. document and Bristol Sutor have cked with the relevant people and acknowlege it is on Motability. No notices from Cotswold DC Filled out Out of Time notice 31.5.2013 Rejection letter dated 10 June Yes I did, and they listed dates info was sent to me - I never received any of it.
  7. Thanks for the advice Uncle, but as you might imagine that is easier said than done!
  8. Thanks for your reply. Yes I told them about my condition yesterday via email. They acknowledged receipt. I emailed the same letter about an hour ago - acknowledged again. Not from an autoresponder I might add.
  9. No, I have no idea why I did not receive anything. Why don't they use recorded delivery. They do have my correct address I confirmed with them.
  10. I live in the Vale of White Horse DC, should I find my local one there even though the fine was for a different council.
  11. Ok, will not contact the bailiffs again. Is there a template for a suitably worded letter to the council - I am not asking you to come up with one!! Everything has been put in writing to date.
  12. The council told me they will not deal with it - end of. Only contact Bristow
  13. Thanks Bazooka, that was very direct and no nonsense talk! Will read your links. Thanks again
  14. The letter from the TEC did not give a reason, and it says they are not required to give an explanation. Have phoned the council and Bristow, each one saying I should contact the other!
  15. Thanks for that information Uncle, I did do that and my application was refused.
  16. Have been having problems with Bristow Sutor over two parking fines. Never received the necessary details from Cotswold DC and the matter was passed to Bristow Sutor. Again never received anything from them until a bailiff appeared at the door without notice. Did not let him in. He wanted £560.48 there and then. He asked about my car parked outside. I told him it was a Motability car. He then went away and two minutes later put a Notice of Seizure Goods and an Inventory of Goods Received through my letter box - and of course he put on the forms - my Motability car. He sped off. I have bee
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