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  1. OK Thanks for this ill get onto it now as for the telephone harassment letter and not talking to them and also the template for when unwanted visitors come round Ive give her all this stuff and she was over the moon as she thought they had a right to call round and take her stuff..... amazes me how these companies use threats and get away with it. Anyway thanks for your help ill keep u posted and ask for more help wen needed Thanks
  2. how do u mean? from what she is telling me she owes 900 to them she is struggling to pay and they are hounding her and that she has 10 days to bring the balance up-to date i thought id help her with the telephone letter and maybe some more as she has no means of Internet access. Thanks
  3. sorry should be more specific, the debt is to little woods and is for 900pound this isn't one of my debts but a friend and she is receiving 6 phone calls a day everyday, Ive give her the telephone harassment act letter now she wants a letter to offer payments for minimum amount monthly. thank you for your help
  4. hi could someon point me in the right direction to a template to offer a payment to my debt collectors? or could someone draft me one up it would be a big big help thankyou.
  5. we to want to pay the money back as you do and in our own time however we were going to pay in full until we were called liars literally down the phone my fiancee was called a lier so now they can wait for their money. On the contract side what i forgot to explain was i would like some advice on the phone calls and them contacting my fiancee work as and when they next contact her i can take they phone and dish out the good news as to what laws they are breaking and see what they have to say about it.
  6. Hiya people i have just found the contracted my fiancee signed....... well when i say signed she only put her first name and second name and this was done on the computer no pens involved. I have edited the agreement by way of taking her second name out and our address could someone have a look through it and see were we stand, that would be great if you could. Also check all the spelling mistakes and grammar out. I know my grammar and spelling mistakes are bad but i have a reason, these people don't they are supposed to be a professional company 1PTPD AGREEMENT.doc
  7. what should i do just refuse to speak to them and refuse to ask any security questions?
  8. is this the right email and address? Northway Financial Corporation Ltd. Level 8, Plaza Commercial Centre Bisazza Street Sliema SLM15 Malta (European Union) Phone: +356 22 606 800 Fax: +356 21 322 461 E-mail: info@northwayfinancial.com
  9. Thanks for that should we let them pass the account as they seem really reluctant to do this? and do you have the email address to send the complaints letter to. Thanks
  10. OK my fiancee got a payday loan from these idiots and i told her not to and on reading everyone's problems i wish she had listened to me.......... The problem started when she asked them why their was no Direct Debit set up and should she do anything to set it up on which they replied and said no. She also had a chat with one of the staff online and she has printed the conversation out. then a few days passed and we got call after call from them being nasty saying she had cancelled the DDebit and she had to pay their and then by card. So our Katie told them she was not willing to pay over the
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