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  1. So if I receive court papers will this go on my credit file
  2. Found out they sent a second letter but partner had binned it and not said apparently it had a photo of the car was me using it that day
  3. What it was I moved when I got first letter. They sent a second one about 1 year later saying they used a credit reference agency to trace me car was never registered to new address as was traded in. Got the 3rd letter other day it was the halfords car park in Sutton in Ashfield
  4. I've held out on this got a letter stating lba county court loads of stuff on back of letter about how they have won the court case that was recently done. Is this scare mongering or are they now going to county court I was 2 mins over the parking time one day I believe they say this is the 3rd time they have written to me but first time I was not at that address and second new address they recon by a credit check but had no letter they gave car registration that was sold two years ago thanks for your help Craig
  5. well to cut long story short bt was sopposed to install broadband in jan this year engineer came out had working infinity and no working phone line 2 apointments changed or missed by them was phone call from me and cancelled install and new order. first order was get broadband infinity and phone line and £75 voucher for sainsburys online offer when I rang to complain when person did not show for the second time had working broadband but no line (funny claim need working phone line for broadband ) not true they cancelled whole order and replaced told call was recorded and I asked about the sainsburys vouchers as stated online and advisor said no I qualify as notes made. so I rechecked and asked if this call is def recorded she said yes I stated that the basis of this contract being made was I still got my vouchers she said I def would. roll on 6 months after 3 calls chasing I get an email stating that I would not get vouchers as did not order online so want to put my contract into breach as they have not fulfilled there part of the agreement and services orded. I have paid one years line rental on my credit card and want to cancel with now charges what would be best for my next step. sorry to be a little short on wording but thought I would keep it short to save endless reading with same outcome thanks craig
  6. Just an update in my stat barred letter I have given them my new address but they keep posting to my old address. They're trying to say it's not stat barred as it was done in 2008 in August so does that mean with stat barred letter I admit the debt. I dispute the debt as never owed three any money when I left them have contract dongle with them now and keep getting phone calls to try and take more contracts out with them. do I ignore Lowell until they write to me at this address. they're getting crafty with phone calls rang asking for a different person on a mobile number and said you have wrong number then they asked who I was so hung up googled the number and it was them.
  7. Also noticed Lowell keep doing searches on the credit file at least once a month
  8. Not us we stopped all wages going into the account as soon as they started with the super high rate charges
  9. just an update Went into experion and it says default 2009 it is also showing payments on the account over that time but everything ceased with loyds tsb in 2007 ie we argued the debt and also the charges
  10. I'm not sure on default date but they closed the account down in 2008
  11. Is there any way I can't stop the harassment calls and texts as well from this company
  12. it started as phone calls chasing me told then unfair charges and was not aware of the amount. Any letters sent apart from the odd one was not responded to only replies was debt in dispute. About 2013 they stopped chasing me and went after my partner we did not respond to any letters. We have decided now to start acting on these to get them out the way so we can carry on rebuilding our credit so want to respond to the first demand to this address. I will get my partner to log into her credit file later and will relay exactly what they have put
  13. i found their letter out it say's they brought the debt in 2013 but last payment to loyds was in 2006. The account went into dispute in 2006 and any phone calls was account in dispute for charges. I think the credit file reported that a payment agreement was made in 2013 but that was not the case. Do i send a stat barred letter or account in dispute to lowell. And finaly is it worth filing for unfair charges at the time.
  14. thankyou i wanted to comfirm before i sent stuff of. also they said that three hadnt contacted me as had an address that was lived in until 2006 but yet i changed the contact and renewed with new address in 2007 before it was canceled later it was good of them to let me out the contract with no charges. i will check my credit file soon to see what they have put
  15. lowel are chasing my partner for this debt. my partner noticed on the credit file for lloyds all bank charges they have taken the debt on but have stated in the credit file that we have agread to pay them and then gone in breach of payment plan any letters on that one was sent back with debt in dispute or if they have rung we have told them its in dispute we would never agree to pay lloyds as the debt was charges for going 50p over drawn and ended up with a £1000 bill the debt should also be in my name and my partners but the chases come in my partners name also account was last used in 2006 also if it makes any difference we was on benifits at the time of the unfair charges
  16. just wondering had one of their letters last week and phone calls started tonight. had letter last week with a letter from 3 mobile saying they have sold a debt for a mobile bill. all my mobile bills was paid and it was in 2007 when they changed the network and my service became none usable. they agread to terminate a fairly new contract and not hold me for the reminder contract so was billed and all paid up. i get a bill from lowell saying i owe £54.40 and was going to ask them to prove it until i got my phonecall of them tonight. womman would not refer it as in dispute and wanted me to prove on the phone that they where wrong etc. i said its in dispute and if anything stat barred wich she replied no it aint and their pursuing. they recon three mobile did not have my address well thats untrue they also had my phone numbe r and was never billed or even sent anything i have a new dongle contract with them thats not working due to bad signal and that will be took up on over the next week or so. in the letter from lowell they said they brought the debt in 04/03/2011 so does that restart the clock on the stat barred.
  17. just sent my htc one x to o2 for the second time and just been told its water dammiged. i kno for a fact the phone has not been near any water o2 are saying phone has got suface corrosion throu the usb charging port. heres the full story got the htc one x in april was sent in for repair in aug as it had crashed and was in a turn on and try to boot then would go off and repeat the cycle. phone was replaced with a recon unit. phone that i got was crashing poor signal very bad wifi but perservied with it until feb 2013. sent it in for repair and got a text tonight to say that the phone was not being repaird under the warrenty. i rang cs to find out what was going on and he spoke to the repair center who said water damage via the usb port and that there was staining on the pcb. i kno for a fact that the phone has not been near any water or in a kitchen or a bathroom as he implied. also he was very quick to tell me the repair would be £181 then after a few mins a good will of £120 would get me a phone reduced from £300 so i was more suspicius and told them no if i accepted that then i would be accepting that i was admiting doing the damage to my phone. also a funny thing is my partner had a htc one x that went faulty and it was sent in for repair and it had very big faults ie screen not working proper crashing poor signal and no one could hear you on a phone call. got phone back repaired with no info and first day back it started to crash rang o2 and they rang the repair center who said the phone had that many problems it should have been replaced with a new referbished. so any way o2 cs said they would send one out and to have this one sat ready so we did that got new one and it wouldnt turn on so anouther call to o2 and the advisor said it had been checked and updated to the latest firmwhare and couldnt understand why it was sent out faulty. any way they replaced it for the htc one x pluss. im questening the reliabilty of the repair center and also wether they just sent my phone with any mother bord out hoping for the best. aparently there is photos being sent with the phone im going to get a engineers report done on it etc. has any one else sufferd simula with phones from o2 and also is there any other advice any one can give me. im not going to let this drop as i clearly belive im in the right here
  18. just wondering can prove transaction date from bank statement also have my acer reg online with acer. my cd drive has packed up if i go back to currys with the laptop and bank statement with a transaction id will currys play ball. i have ripped the house to bits but for the love of god can not find the recite
  19. going to say a new line is approx 125 when i last looked sky have emailed back and are now going to sort a early termination of the phone and broadband contract
  20. just wondering wanting to go back to bt but sky having non of t have approx 4 months of contract left to run. im more than happy to pay the remainder of my contract at £11 a month for the rental and to also pay the remainder of the broadband 7.50 a month sky say i cant do this and wont relise the line does this sound right. bt rang back today and said sky refused to relise the line. what action can i take next as payng my contract im still fullfiling there terms of the 12 month contract and not costing them anything as services will be canceled
  21. one thing i would say is what ever you do dont take that laptop home leave it in store until its sorted
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