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  1. Many thanks for your response. The 2013 check up was at the beginning of February 2013 and I took out the insurance in April 2013. I basically swapped insurers as the current insurers were a lot cheaper for the same level of cover. Could this have any affect on the claim?The check up this year was again at the beginning of February and the dental work has just been carried out.I will ensure that salmon is provided as a treat only along with the occasional bit of caviar!! lol Other than that a nice well balanced diet.Regards
  2. I recently had my cat in the vets for the annual (2014) check up and the vet told me that it needed 2 teeth removing as they were going bad and would start to cause some pain. I had the teeth removed at a cost of over £500 and everything was good. The insurance company have now rejected my claim for the following reasons - In 2013 the cat had her annual checkup and the vet looked at her teeth and stated 'she will require some work on her teeth in the future'. This was recorded on the cats vetinary medical notes. Because of this comment the insurance are rejecting the claim as the policy I have states - The pet must have been seen within the previous 12 months - which she was in 2013 and then again in 2014.and, that any work recommended by the vet must have been carried out and, they will not pay claims for any pre-existing conditions from before the policy started. My question is - would the vets comment highlight a pre-existing condition or could it be interpreted as a 'throw away comment' eg; I go to the opticians and they say you will need glasses in the future - it doesnt mean I wear them now, and, would this comment be seen by an insurance company as a recommendation of work which in their view should have been carried out? The vet has stated they will write a letter to the insurers if required stating that the work the comment related to was not essential at the time and was in no shape or form urgent. It was just advise to a pet owner which, unfortunately, was recorded on the medical notes. If they weren't included their the claim would be ok. Could any insurance experts please help / assist /advise. The end result is the pet has had the work done anyway, but if I got the money back, they would be one happy cat as I could afford to feed them fresh salmon instead of Whiskas for the forseeable future, lol.On a serious note any help would be most appreciated. Thankyou
  3. Would just like to say that I had the same problem with defaults on my account. Please be aware that it is practically impossible to get a default removed so to get 3 of them removed would be a challenge indeed. Sorry if this is not what you want to hear but it is a difficult process. I have successfully managed to get a default removed from a Payday loan company - I was in the right and the default should never have been applied - this took me 18 months and weekly phone calls etc. As stated this is for a default that shouldn't have even been on there, if the company believes it to be correct then i am afraid it will remain for 6 years. I have been left unable to get a mortgage as I have one remaining default for the amount of £110!!!! I cannot get this removed no matter what I do and I have now exhausted all avenues. I wish you better luck than me....... please keep us updated.
  4. I know people say not to but I contacted these by telecom and never had a problems with them. When you call them play their trick and inform them you are recording the call - trust me they will watch what they say and help you. When you speak with them tell them you will make monthly payments by bank transfer (DO NOT give them your card details). Tell them you will make the payments on a set day of every month on time as long as no interest is added and the account is frozen. I seriously found these to be the easiest, along with Lending Stream, to arrange a plan with. Just be polite but stick to your offer, they do try to raise it slightly so if your intention is to make a £30 a month payment offer £20 - 25, that way when you offer slightly more it looks like you are trying your best. Also tell them you will call to review the account every 3/6 months - I did this and just increased the payment amount I pay them by £5 every 3 months. Good Luck
  5. Can I just say and as per my previous posts Payday Express will now register defaults on your credit file even if you set up a payment plan with them. Please dont assume that because you are in a payment plan you will get away with the default being registered on your credit file as you won't. I had been paying Payday Express for over 12 months before the default was registered on my account - and they stay there for 6 years making it difficult to obtain credit. I did manage to get my default removed but it was a long difficult process (6 months of constant negotiation / arguments). Good luck to you all if you go down this route but in my experience it wont be easy - Payday Express are a nightmare.
  6. UPDATE - taken a while but here is the update. Just received an e-mail from Payday Express confirming that once I make full and final settlement of the account at the end of February the default will be removed in total from my credit file. I have it in black and white from payday Express and a copy has just been sent to my solicitor for info just in case.It just shows it can be done - this is great for me as my credit file will be clean of defaults and all other payments are on time and for once I don't have to worry about having a negative credit file. A good result for once for me and i hope the same happens to all others out there in the same sitiation. I just hope they stick to their word but as I have it in writing it will help should the worst happen.
  7. Interesting article on Sky News webpage at the moment regarding these types of loans - would appear these loan companies are expecting to be very busy over the coming weeks. Shame they didn't comment about the underhand tactics they go on to use should one default.
  8. I have been in the payment plan with them since Jun 10. I have made every payment on time never a minute late and despite them sending me the letter when I arranged the payment plan stating that as long as payments were made no further interest would be added and no default action would happen they went ahead and defaulted me 3 weeks (ish) ago dated back to Jun 10. I don't know if this in itself gives me a right to query it with the credit agencies as I was under the impression they had to register them within a certain timescale although technically I guess the date of the default is correct. I am just annoyed as they stated in their letters I wouldn't be defaulted if I maintained payments but now they won't budge on removing it - well they can go £$%^$"£^%&$&" if they think I will be making payments as arranged now. On a plus note and believe me I really don't like this company I have to say in their favour that with me they were really good sorting out the payment plan in this first place and I never got any hassles off them - just a shame this good point was spoilt with the default as I don't often find things good to say about them.
  9. First £1 payment made on the 1st Dec and no phone calls or contact as yet. Lol. Lets see what happens. I wonder when they realise that I will still be paying them at this rate in 15 or so years time. Ha ha.
  10. Thanks Brigadier - I have a payday loan at the moment which has a registered default of last June - I am currently making monthly payments on this with the view to settle it in 6 months time in total. If I continue this and it is settled will it remain on my file for 6 years from default date or will it then be 6 years from the date of last payment which will effectively settle the loan. If its from last payment date I might as well not bother paying anymore as I am just extending the date every time I do.
  11. This totally contradicts what I have been told on this site - I have been told that defaults go 6 years from the registered default date, not the last financial tranasction date. If so that means I now have a default registered for another 3 years instead of 18 months as I have made a payment after the default was posted on one of my accounts. This is really annoying now as I am getting loads of contradicting information - does anyone actually know the correct answer.
  12. I can confirm that the 6 year expiry for defaults is from the date of default not the date of settlement. If you default say Jun 2011 the default should disappear in Jun 2017. Creditors should register the default quickly - it is not acceptable for them to register a default say 1 year after defaulting but they have been known to do this so check the dates carefully.
  13. I have noticed on a couple of my Payday Loan terms and conditions that they put a clause on there about them being able to collect any due payments from any means supplied to them. I don't know if its legal for them to do it this way and it seems very sneaky to me that they have taken your new card details from a new application. I wonder if the companies share data too - some Payday Loan companies go under more than one name so I wonder if for example you had outstanding money with one would they pick up your details from a new application made with another under a different trading name. This could be another sneaky method of obtaining details, wouldn't put anything past these types of companies.
  14. Isn't it a great feeling to know that the payment you have just made is the last one you will be making to them and that the account is settled. Its a great relief to know they can't keep bothering you anymore. I personally love the moment I delete a creditor from my online banking payment screen. Well done.
  15. Believe me I am not trying to scare people into paying Payday Express first - I hate this company with a passion due to my ongoing saga with them. I am just wanting to make people aware that they are defaulting people even when payment plans are arranged. I have had numerous payday loans in the past with a lot of different companies and (I guess luckily) Payday Express are the only ones who have defaulted me. I just didn't want people to get the same suprise I got when checking my credit file. Regards
  16. Yes can't wait for that day, thankfully my wife has a gleaming, spotlessly clean credit history so we have got phone contracts etc in her name - obviously doesn't help my credit history but solves the problem. The annoying thing is that apart from this default and another one from Orange which is currently being disputed with them my credit history is also spotless. The original amounts of my 2 defaults was £265 - yes Orange defaulted me for a £15 oversight on a bill payment I wasn't aware of when I moved overseas. My plan at the moment is to try and get Payday Express to remove the default in return for full and final settlement of the account... we will see what happens!
  17. I currently owe Payday Express £150 which I could pay easily if I wanted to but the thing is now they have defaulted me I have no incentive to pay it quickly or at all. I totally agree with you about responsible lender reporting on credit files but the thing i don't agree with is that for such a small amount they can mess your life up for 6 years. For the original amount of £250 I have now got to suffer for 6 years. Back when the loan started I had problems with money which I have now turned round. I am now in a very lucky and priviledged position where I earn in excess of 40k a year but can't get a £15 a month phone contract because of this £150 default. Neither can I get a mortgage or car credit. I agree that there needs to be a system to stop people applying for more and more credit when they have financial difficulties but as in my sitiuation once these difficulties are over they can still effect you for a long time afterwards.
  18. Yes I know that LS have the potential to mark credit files as do all creditors when you default on an account - all I am saying is that Payday Express ARE marking credit files on defaulted accounts. I am just letting people know so they don't get the suprise I did when I checked my credit file - thought I was in an agreed payment plan and that would be the end of it but they went ahead and still marked my credit file with a default despite letters saying it wouldn't happen. They aren't to be trusted as per most of these companies. And no-one has mentioned having more credit so please read the thread before commenting.
  19. On another note i also had a loan with Lending Stream - I contacted them by telephone (not always advisable) and was totally amazed how fast they agreed to my payment arrangement. I explained I could not make full payment and the guy I spoke to said straight away what can you afford to which I replied £55 a month. The guy said thats fine £55 a month for the next 6 months and then we will review your payment plan to which I was really happy about. I asked for this agreement in writing and within 10 minutes I had an e-mail in my account stating the payment plan terms as discussed and also that interest and fees would be stopped. I don't know if I just 'got lucky' or whether they are always like this but definatly the easiest lot I have had to deal with.
  20. Just a warning - Payday Express have now started adding defaults to credit reports if you fail to stick to their terms and conditions. Even if you have arranged a payment plan with them they WILL register a default on your credit report which will be there for 6 years from default date. This is just words of advice to all out there who have got accounts with Payday Express and are considering defaulting, obviously sometimes people don't have a choice about whether to default as they just can't afford the payments - I have been there and am unfortunatly one of the unlucky ones with a registered default on my credit account.
  21. You may notice from other threads I am subscribed to that I am in the same situation as you. I had a loan with Payday Express last year that I couldn't pay in full so negotiated a payment plan with them. I have paid this every month on time and I got a default about a fortnight ago registered on my account with a default date of Jun 2010. There is unfortunatly not much you can do as technically you have defaulted on the account and Payday Express will say it is correct. They are poor at updating their balances etc and still show my default as owing £75 more than I actually do so I would chase them to update it at the very least. I thankfully am in a 'very slightly' better position in that I still owe on my account - I am currently playing the 'joker card' of you will get £1 a month for the next 15 or so years unless you remove the default as a full and final settlement. If they want to take me to court then I am also fine with that as I am only paying back charges they added now anyway so I would really like them to stand up in court and defend their charges. We will see what happens next.......
  22. I can confirm the bank details in this thread are still correct. If you use you loan number as a reference number it will reach them. I pay my loan in this manner with no problems.
  23. Update - I contacted Payday Express and explained that as I had a payment plan in place with them which has never been a minute late in payment and with only 6 payments left I thought (and have also been told) that I would not be defaulted on my account with them. This default was placed on my credit file a week or so ago dated last year!!! I told the rep in no uncertain terms that unless the default was removed they would be getting £1 a month off me for as long as it takes to clear the account (about 15 years I think it works out at) and no more. I said as I have been defaulted there is now no incentive for me to keep making agreed payments on it as I am only paying back charges they added now anyway. The rep started stuttering on the phone saying you cant do that - my answer - oh and why not, you going to default me are you? lol. The rep stated that court action was an option to which I replied crack on Ill see you there and then they started that they would start adding interest etc again. Can interest and charges be added to a defaulted account? I guess they can but again Ill get them to justify their ridiculous charges in court when they take me there.
  24. Lol just sat and read most of this post for the past few hours - laughed so much at parts I nearly fell off my chair and choked on my coffee at the same time.
  25. A quick update on this one. Ebay account was settled and I am now back up and running again on Ebay although £100 down at the moment as the Post Office are delaying payment of the claim. Half way there anyway. Think it is bad that someone says they haven't received an item and Ebay pretty much just decide in their favour without asking for anything from me the seller and they just go ahead and refund them!!
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