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  1. Thats great, Just what I thought Ok, i'll stick my heels in tomorrow claiming under SOGA not the warrenty. I'll hand them a letter tomorrow, just stating everything I have already said to them over the phone. Or send it 'recorded delivery'?? Just seems a waste as i'm there tomorrow. After they have ''fixed it'', is it worth taking it to another garage to get it checked out and get a report? I picked up most the faults with haynes manual and VAG-com (AUDI diag software, I got for my previous car). If they fail to comply i.e fix all the problems stated then I presume I can the
  2. Hi guys wonder if you can help me? I've just bought my second A3 quattro from independtant dealer. First imprsseions were great. 64,000 2002 - £4800. Normally I wouldn't spend that much but it wanted the low milage and a bit of insurnace bying it from a dealer. (not audi) After two days of owing it I have noticed the following Problems/Faults: 1. The engine check light came up : (Note the faults were cleared, same faults appeared after 10 minutes of driving still present on ECU but no light) · Vag-com - Mass Air flow meter signal too low. ·
  3. Hello I'm little puzzled I'm currently on DMP with CCCS, however I have received a default notice for outstanding arrears with the black horse loan. They have been clocking up arrears based on what the original payments set out by the original agreement. This seems to happen every year just after I need to review my DMP (once a year) I haven’t had the chance to call CCCS to update it, as my finances have been a bit messy for the last couple of months. Can they do this? I must say black horse have been the worst out of all the creditors, no other company does this
  4. If it wasn't sent reordered delivery then i would complain to the company saying you hadn't received it. They must send it all again as they cannot prove that they have fulfilled your original request. When you receive it again compare the two bundles to see what is missing if anything
  5. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your advise. It's been about 8 months since i removed Newlines clamp and left it with the police. I have never heard a dicky bird since :grin:
  6. Thank you for the reply. Yes they did but not in writing, Soap has spoken to westbourne motors and they have said the same. But neither of them will tell him were the car is. I fogot to ad, they wouldn't let him take anything out of the car. (isn't that theft?) As far as i'm aware all they have said is basically... give XXX amount or your not getting your car back and it will be sold.
  7. Bump.... I know this person I advised him to come on this site. Please help people, they took he's car unlawfully.... The police won't do anything!! Missed one payment, no letters sent to him at all! So no default letters. Turned up took the car, no ID, no Paper work, and now charging additional charges etc. I witnessed everything! They were very unprofessional, rude harassed everyone there. Assaulted myself, soap and he’s misses by physically moving us out of the way to take the car. It has been filed with the police but they are next to useless.... I’m still waiting to hear f
  8. I'm no expert: But that looks like a great reply, They have basically said they can't locate the oringal signed document, if that is the case then they won't be able to provide one in a court ''Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate a copy of all your signed credit agreements. We can assure you that before we opened your credit card account we would have required sight of a signed agreement"
  9. Lol i did better than i thought at the time I wasn't even aware of all the in and outs untill after the event and come onto this brilliant forum. The only problem i can see is that i phoned them to tell them where the clamp was. Couldn't they just say i didn't and base their claim on that? Thats why i thought it might be a good idea to send a recorded delivery letter just stating that? However i have been advised not to correspond with them at all
  10. Thank you, no didn't mention no damage. i got a lost property ticket. Howver i did take a coule of photos of it... What happens if they don't pick it up. Will they will try and charge me for it? Also technically can i pick it up in 6 weeks?
  11. Brilliant! thank you. It's hard to ignore threating letters but if thats your advice i'll do it. However saying that.. if it does go to court surely it doesn't look good for not replying?
  12. So is that it ???????? well until the letters come in the post. As posted before, if they do send me letters shall i just ignore them or write back saying… I’m the registered owner. However i wasn't the driver at the time and the contract is between newline and the driver? Maybe send a copy of the permit so trespassing is not an issue. Also point out that it was illegal what they did as i have permit, (photo copy it). Even though i had a permit, it's hard to prove it was actually in the car. I bet the photos they took don't show it.
  13. I had the same problem, so i put my post on this thread. Sorry admin if that was incorrect
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