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  1. Update: Item replaced for another.
  2. Thanks all I just hope the visit with engineer reaches a successful conclusion. Will update.
  3. Just checked. They have replied and I was told they can't trace the order with the details provided, so I updated them with new info. Whilst waiting I called the number in the email. The lasy I spoke to traced the order and booked the egineer. She said she thinks I do not need a receipt as it is on their system. When the engineer comes , what idf he is arsey and asks for the receipt how do I tackle that? I can abviously say other wise and say I was told otherwise but what if he does not believe me?
  4. I have contacted as advised but I have still not heard from him.
  5. I turned it down to low but it seems to be getting warmer! I do not knwo what is wrong with it.The outside seems to be cold yet the inside of the fridge is warm.
  6. I did try downloading the manual for the model number CZ51220 but it does not seem to appear on the product list.
  7. Thanks I have just done that. Do you have any idea about the tempreture dial?
  8. I purchased a Mini fridge (CoolZone) from Comet just under a year ago. There are two sections of the fridge one for wine, which is the smalll section and one larger section. The larger section of the fridge seems to have stopped working.The large section of the fridge is not cold enough, it is not keeping anything cold. It has a tempreture dial which has the option of low, medium and high. I have set it to high, as in high coldness, is that right? Or should I set it to low, as in the lowest tempreture? Anyway the point relating to comet is that I have lost the receipt and I paid cash. Is
  9. Thank you Anything in there that you think would affect my credit rating?
  10. I have just recevied my credit report and it details a few things. I just wanted to query one entry in particular. Next to my O2 Contract it states my monthly status is S0000000S0000Q1000000000.0.00000. I don't understand the S AND THE Q AND 1, I knw what they stand for I don't know what they mean for my credit, e.g does S mean I had a default but it has been satisfied, etc. Please help.
  11. Hi all O2 are being pain in the backside. I recently embarked on an 18 month contract with O2 (after having a sim only contract). This includes a phone, namely a Nokia 8800. I have had the contract for just less than two weeks (two weeks this Thursday). Before I received the phone I confirmed the phone type on four separate occasions. However O2 have got in contact claiming they should not have provided me with the said phone as it should not have been available on my calling plan and admitted it was a mistake on their part for allowing me to have the phone. Despite this they w
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