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  1. Thanx. I'll give it a go and let you no if it still happens.
  2. every time I do anything like post or search for something it works but then I have to log in again. Am i doing soemthing wrong.
  3. If they give you money to pay debts can you take it out and pay link then its paid anyway. I know it sounds daft but thought it might work. what a bunch of plonkers.
  4. I see what you mean yourbank but cant i ask for money so we can afford to live. Some weeks my sister helps me out with shopping if she can manage it but shes got growing kids too and cant really afford it. the bank just take take take and we get nothing some weeks. Im at my wits end trying to keep it all together. Im thinking of opening a new account and getting my money paid in there but will that mean halifax dont have to pay back my charges Sorry to hijack the thread but i only got 1 reply on my thread.
  5. Cant you ask for a cheque made out to you so you can use it for what you need like food. Im sick of living on cheap pasta and beans on toast. I try and feed the kids better but cant always affor it.
  6. i cant believe the banks think anyone can live on £7 for a fortnight and isnt in hardship. to be honest I dont give a toss about my debts. They cant have what I havent got but i just want to be able to feed my kids properly and buy them decent shoes. my sister gives me her kids old clothes so i can clothe them but i cant use worn out shoes on them.
  7. So he had to go to court to get costs for the actor and lawyers. He won anyway and made more money for people who got more than they need already. How does that help the consumer. Everyones cashng in on this.
  8. I think i should open a new account with another bank and get my money paid in and stop these pillocks keep taking it. Would this make a difference to my claim under hardship or can they ignore me if i do that. Im still confused what to do about claiming nw cos people say different things and i dont know whats best
  9. Have they given you any money back lucy? All they said to me was to contact money management team but i could manage fine if they didnt keep taking my money.
  10. Its a joke giving a months charges. Why dont they do what theyre meant to.
  11. I thought they had to pay up if you were hard up? My kids are growing fast and both need clothes and shoes. sometimes its a struggle to buy enough food. I need money just to live on but they just keep taking charges and its gettin harder and harder to cope.
  12. Dont you think you should get all your money back yourbank? I asked for all my charges back beccause of hardship. Shouldnt i have done that?
  13. Thanx I'll do that. Trouble is its confusing cos some say phone and some say dont. Looks like courts no good but ombudsman takes ages and I need money quick.
  14. I been reading here for a while now and wrote to Halifax to get bank charges back because of hardship. They want me to talk to money managment team but I don't know if I should. I read someone on here did that and they messed him about s dont know what to do now. Im behind on loads of bills and dont know if I should take them to court. I think it would be stayed though so whats the point. Can I go o the ombudsman?
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