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  1. i bought a nintendo dsi from this company, placed the order on the 1st december...order arrived on 4th december, from america...no problems..ho hassles, even spoke to customer services and they confirmed my order. I was sent a tracking number to track its process, paid by debit card not credit card, didnt pay any extra shipping charges was free postage, even got an extra fiver off with a discount code!!
  2. oh and another silly thing theyve done...on a letter dated 19th june arrears £547, on the letter dated the 25th june it says arrears NIL and on the letter hand shoved throu my letter box today (29th) says arrears £1676.80 and both letters came from the same office..does one hand not know what the other is doing ?!
  3. just a quickie, recieved the letter from welcome finance on 26th saying theyd taken my phone numbers off their list....and low and behold i got them knocking on my door tonight.....only 3 days after recieving their letter...do the blighters not give you time to write a reply! didnt answer the door but she stuck a letter through my letter box saying a representative called this pm to discuss my account...did i agree to an appointment???! no i flaming dint so if they charge me for a house call they can go swivel
  4. as soon as i recieve it ill scan and post it, i dont understand the option fee or the acceptance fee, never knew i had to pay an acceptance fee. welcome have 12 days to respond to sar.
  5. the figures for M are so faint i cant even see them on the photcopy i have, total prices for insurance N is nil, total cash price M+N £5,250.00 like i said the photcopy i have from welcome is so bad , im waiting for the sar request to come back, id be intrested to see if the agreements are different.
  6. the payment amount is on the agreemment, 48 x £167.68
  7. dont have any ppi's etc, refused to take them out. we are paying £167.68 per month to welcome.
  8. ok heres a copy of my agreement for car finance with welcome, hope ive done it right, not used photobucket before. the copy isnt very good im afraid as ive only got a photcopy of the agreement myself...which i think is odd. Pictures by Florence77 - Photobucket fingers crossed its worked
  9. i havent recieved the responses to the sar yet and i certainely wont be signing a new agreement not knowing what i know now. it is very surpising that they are trying to be helpful and i dont believe them for a second..i shall respond to their letter as they are asking for new direct debit details which they definately not having! i will scan my agreements and get them posted asap.
  10. quick update: have recieved a letter from Welcome today....recorded delivery believe it or not! saying thanks for the letter (the harrassment one) and they have now removed ALl phone numbers from the system and that will contact me only by letter now, they also asked me to call them to talk about reducing my mothly payments if i am experiencing difficulties...since when did welcome become so helpful???!! i wonder..it is all a masquerade? will keep you posted
  11. I didnt think they were allowed to restart dd's without sending a new dd mandate for you to sign? maybe its worth googling to see what the laws are on this....somthing else you could kick welcome finance with:D
  12. thanks for the replies. have already sent the harrassment letter,recoreded delivery ,on friday so they should have it by tomorrow, ill check for signature online and print it off and add to my file...which is mounting up nicely! i have all the reciepts for EVERYTHING we've paid out for on the car, we even had a quote done for the respray of the bumoer they bodged up, they sprayed it the wrong colour! Renault quoted £500 to redo the bumper....a copy was sent to welcome for this and they said they know nothing about it...as per usual! I shall await replies to the letters ive sent. if only we knew now what we know now eh.....such is life but least we can kick these gits where it hurts:lol: shall keep you posted by the way...EXCELLENT forum...so glad i found it, everyone does a great job :grin:
  13. is this why some (6) directors are at the moment suspended and under investigations because theyre so smart and one wf member got sacked for embezzling money to feed their crack habit...yeah dead smart people work for welcome
  14. ok..lemme start at the beginning. april 2008 got car finance from the dreaded welcome after contacting a car dealership who specialised in bad credit finance, chose our car, a 53 plate renault laguna, after only looking at pictures emailed to us ( daft i know but it was over 250 miles away) and speaking to the salesman. finance was arranged by welcome for £5,000 over 48 months(£167.68 p/m)(total payable £8298.40) went in their local office to me in Exeter and signed the paperwork and traveled to a sister garage in Bath to collect the car, on arrival the garage didnt know who we were, knew nothing aboutthe car and didnt even know how much deposit we had to pay.Anyway took the car, stopped off for lunch and a closer look round the car only to find 2 large nasty dents on the back, 3 bald tyres,scratches that looked like it had been keyed and the service light permanantly stuck on. called the dealer and he said take pictures of it and send them him as hed not even seen the car ok...so got home after a 3 hour drive and did as he asked and emailed him the 'evidence'. he then arranged for us to take the car to his garage in Liverpool(6 hours away) to have all the problems looked at, a respray of the scratches and the dents pulled, amongst a list as long as my arm.the car was there all day and the only thing they did was redo the service as we argued it wasnt done properly in the first place and he said they didnt have time to respray it or pull dents as we turned up late! we arrived at 830am after a 6 hour drive! the saga continued so i contacted welcome to see if theyd help...seeing as they actually owned the car now...help?? they dont know the meaning of the word! since june 2007 i have been writing to them so they have documented evidence of all the issues we have, in the end we stopped the direct debit to get them to listen in july 2007 and hey presto! they called to discuss options. the options were..start paying and we'll sort the car problems for you, so with no other option we bagan paying over the phone by debit card(refused to reset d/d untill problems sorted)and we really thought we were getting somewhere when they agreed to get the car inspected for us and pay for the repairs and respray, like always this was just verbally and nothing ever put on paper, after being passed round from office to office and never getting calls returned when promised, i called every day and nothing for weeks...untill......ta da! we missed a payment, the calls began again. they asked us to get a quote for the repairs, which was going to cost us £150,money we havent got, contacted my solicitor for advice and he said it was upto welcome to do/pay for the inspection as they offered it,told welcome this and they said their garages had shut down(as we all know welcome car finance has gone down the pan) and they could get the rac to do it. then again..nothing for weeks untill i started getting calls from the collections department because we missed a couple of payments. told her about what my local office had said and she told me there was nothing on the account screen saying what theyd do and they dont normally pay for repairs especially resprays and they certainly wouldnt get the rac to look at it unless they were repossessing it. up went my hackles! so..long and short of it....weve payed out nearly £1000 on this car in a year to make it roadworthy, welcome are denying any knowledge of previous conversations and nothing is documented. After reading another thread on here i dug out the agreement and realised we only have a white photocopied version, not the yellow and blue ones we should have (i also have a personal loan with welcome,which i have both yellow and blue copies of) our most recent statement (20th may) shows we owe £7595.87 despite only missing 3 months payments to get their attention over the past 14 months,which they actually havent asked for. ive had phone calls from them non-stop both at home,work and my mobile, some-one knocked on my door and as i didnt answer they came throught my double bolted driveway gates,knocked on my back door then proceeded to knock on my back windows via my garden!..my kids were petrified! and they have the cheek to charge me for it despite them not making an appointment to call at 830pm! i made a complaint to my local office about this and said it was trespassing,they agreed to take my work number off my record also. from reading the threads in here my next step looks like its going to be sending a CCA request and a SAR request to them, the letter for harrassing calls got sent off today...recorded delivery of course im also going to write and ask for all my charges back. We just want them to help sort the car out,seems like nobody wants to take resposibility and the longer they leave it the harder it is for us to prove the faults were there at time of purchase despite sending them a list just 3 weeks after collecting it. this is really getting to me now and ive got to the point where ive even looked at getting a loan from elsewhere to pay off the car just to get rid of welcome phew! sorry for waffling so much......welcome have a lot to answer for!
  15. will start a thread....might be a long one !
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