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  1. Cheers thank you for your help. I shall report back with findings.
  2. Most definately have PPI as they told me, I had to take it out to get the loan. I recieved a letter from Direct Legal Collections yesterday saying that i owe £3687.67 and to pay now before they take court action. So would the £5174 on my credit be made up of charges. Do I Sar them first then offer a reduced montly payment which I can afford.
  3. Sorry for the late reply have been away with work on a training scheme. Anyway I managaed to find out who the orginal creditor was. It was quick quid if thiis helps.
  4. Took out a loan back in oct 2008 for £2000 and defaulted in may 2009 due to losing my job. After moving around alot stay with friend family etc. Finally got sorted with a secured job only 30 hrs a week though. Now i want to get this problem sorted. I've tried to find the orginal loan docs, but must have been misplaced when moving around. The current balance as it stands on my credit file is £5074. Where do i go from here any help would be great thanks.
  5. Yes I will contact them in writing, which I believe is the best way after what I have been reading. I thought it was strange both accounts, where started on the same day for £262. But then one says satisfied on 05/08/2009 and the other says defaulted on 05/08/2009 current balance £262. A better image on link below so you can zoom in. img810.imageshack.us/f/67343222.png/
  6. Just checked my credit report to find 2 defaults on there from MH, which looks like the same debt. I can't think what it could be for. Below screen dump of credit profile. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello all, To cut a long story short, I took out a mobile internet contract for my son. Which he has been using for the past 18 months without any problems, until December of last year. Where decided to take it away on holiday with him to Amsterdam. He was there for the weekend and decided to use it to find local attraction on his laptop. Anyway we got the bill a few weeks ago which was for £1,694.35 and was totally shocked. I myself is going on holiday to South Africa tomorrow and was thinking, I would have to use my spending money to pay it off. So i decided email (below) customer services asking them to drop some of the charges. Just had a phone call from them saying that will drop all charges as long as i can make a payment of £20 (£16 for contract + £4 worth of texts) today. So i snap thier hand off and can now go on holiday happy. Thanks for reading, just wanted to tell everyone how relieved I am. Dear Sirs Reference T-Mobile Web and Walk Account No.xxxxxxxx I am writing to query the amount of £1,694.35 which was charged for the period December 2009 to January 2010 I bought this account for my son who has been using it for the past 18 months and paying +- £16 per month. He spent a weekend in Holland where he continued to use the 'Web and Walk' totally unaware that he was being charged £25 per download. My complaint is that this account was not restricted for UK use only, as I would have expected, with the necessity to have it unbarred if it was required elsewhere in the world. There was no warning or information relating to the costs for using it abroad and it would certainly not have been used if these costs had been known. I would appreciate your reviewing the amount used so that it is brought in line with UK rates. I have had to cancel my Direct debit as there would not be sufficient funds available Yours faithfully
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