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  1. They are hassling both of us... I got a statement today - makes bog-all sense... All I can see is interest, charges and some payments... So much for getting dates of deferments etc!
  2. noomill060, I have just gone to the link above for the Subject Access Request to ask SLC for a list of all charges applied to my wifes Loans over the past lot of years. Since first meeting her, we have only had 1 year without hassle of losing Deferrment forms etc - this year when I faxed it to them on the last day when they phoned to say they were standing at the fax macine - off went 19 page fax and things went lovely. The previous 6 years have been 'we didnt receive that' even though we sent the forms 'Signed for...' and was able to tell them who signed for it and when... Basicall
  3. I used a company called BAB UK Ltd - they charge £49 per bank account (and then a 20% + VAT fee on any monies recovered). Althought i bought 2 claim packs I am pleased to say that I receive £770 from 2 Abbey Accounts (had to pay £163 out of it) but still £550 I didnt have time etc to push for. This isnt the full claim but a preliminary payout due to 'hardship case'
  4. And the calls keep rolling in!! Sent them a nasty fax and copied it to the OR - nothing for a couple of days - except a solicitor on behalf on Blarclaycard regarding a Goldfish Card - she got the treatment form the above post as she couldnt find me on the bankruptcy register!
  5. I moved into a new house and went to another provider of BT Services. Because the prvious tennant had ceased the line instead of having it disconnected, my charge for re-connection was £2! It was also live within 30 minutes. Luckily the previous ADSL marker had been removed and they were able to hook me up in 3 working days to their BT Resold Broadband service!
  6. To add to my issues... These cheeky baskets just hang up on you if you dont tell them what they want to hear. (In this case, activing on behalf of Capital One Bank (Europe) Ltd) Not sure if they play with anyone else (or are owned by CapOne) I rang them tonight after getting yet another letter since being adjudged bankrupt... After they answered they asked to confirm security. I explained that, due to Data Protection I couldnt verify Data Protection as I never entered into an agreement with them and I wasnt giving perosnal details out. I explained I was bankrupt and they decided to
  7. My big dream bubble got burst by these (Edit) I have now recorded (and told them I was doing so) a phone call yesterday AND today (6 calls to me - only 2 reverted back through that useless automated system). Outcome yesterday - "you dont show up on the Bankruptcy website" That's because I am in NORTHERN IRELAND... I bet it doesnt include SCOTLAND Either. "Well................. Erm....... NO! I will email our Bankruptcy Dept Outcome of today Do you all talk (Edit) and lie to customers you are intimidating by phone?? "Dont know what you mean Mr X" I got told I would have no more p
  8. No calls since! Have they eventually taken the hint??
  9. And at 11:55 today?? call from 08454019111... this is barclaycard - will it ever end?? I have taken some tips from here and will start to really hack them off... I will also log each call made to me and report them to the OR...
  10. I have had up to 6 calls a day from 0800 to 2100, 7 days a week. Due to the incompetance of the Sharkleycard hench-men that work there I have resorted to sending them a fax to explain my situation for the 9th time. I was ajudged bankrupt on 23 April 2009 and despite advising them of the details, they still phone calling me a liar as they dont see the bankruptcy showing up on the government website. As I live in Northern Ireland, I am not sure if they would see this info. I faxed them the information again and added a web-link to the relevent entry of bankruptcies for that day..
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