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  1. forgot to say keep a copy of the letter aswell xxx the reason they want you to phone is to get you to give them your card details, saying it will be easier for them to take the money each month from your account. DO NOT DO IT, they have been known to empty accounts this way
  2. you go through citizens advice, www. adviceguide.org.uk they have to have a lot of complaints so won't act on just one,keep all your emails as proof of harassment. just a quick question, did they say payment to be made on xx of each month, if so you need to make it a few days before the date due, or was it payment to be made before xx of the month, if so and your payment is made before that date it is a fault at their end. Make a formal complaint, in writing to Wonga, Head the letter FORMAL COMPLAINT, tell them that you are in a repayment plan with them, the payments are made on xx of every month,by standing order, and you have no Idea how THEY can say you havent paid on the same day the payment is sent to them, point out that you have informed them of your husbands illness and that they are harrassing you.which is against OFT guide lines. also tell them that you will not communicate by phone, any phonecalls that are received will be logged and recorded by date and time, all, communication will be by letter or email ,so you have confermation should any question about what has been agreed need checking remember do not speak to them on the phone unless you can record the call, just tell them' i take it you have received my complaint of the xx/xx/xxxx so you know this call is being recorded. if you can't recored the call and they do phone, dont go through security checks ,just say in writing only and hang up. My best wishes to you and your Husband hope all goes well with his treatment xx
  3. A lot of banks overseas ask for your banking history eg, a referal from your bank as to how your account was run, not a copy of your credit file. Also most credit cards (abroad) are linked to the ammount of money in your account so you cannot have a card for £3000, if you only put in £1000 a month. the only bank I know that uses british CCA to check or register accounts is Santander.
  4. Hi DD, long time no see, how have you got on with this account, sorry not been about for sooooooo long. whitts
  5. when you say printed docs did they send you a copy of the signed agreement with the terms on it and have they sent you any term from the inseption of the account(prescribed terms)
  6. then why dose the intrest change upward as well as down every month?? and would that mean it would never be cleared
  7. Hi yes we did receive notification of the changes can't put my hand to it just now as decorating and every thing is piled up. we owe £1393 and at the moment after intrest and account charges we are paying about £23 per year off the ballance, so will take around 60 years to clear paying £30 a month off without intrest or charges would mean we would pay it off in just under 4 years as for the bullying and threats, we have had some of the best try it, I have been managing our debts for the last 9 years, they started at £100k+ and up to now have reduced to about £89k Hubby has retired from work but only gets a work pension so income droped drasticly. have a truecall so most contact is by letter. nothing tried is nothing gained bring it on witts
  8. the account fee is 6.95 per month, on top of the intrest, which confusingly changes every month can be £18 one month and then could be £20 the next. we have had a letter saying that the royalties accounts are being changed to another name, as they are withdrawing some of the benifits, the account fee is being increased !! but it says if we're not happy with this we can call in and change account to something else. just have to find time to go to a branch, as the nearest RBS is 25miles away from us I think with our credit rating and amount of debt a loan MAY be out of the question
  9. I sent 4 recorded delivery letters on the 7th november, on checking tracking it just states that they were delivered and if i want more information I have to phone them, whats the point of paying the extra postage
  10. sorry Claire but I think CAB may not be able to help with this ( I may be wrong) you could sent a SAR to them £10 or a letter under CPUTR 2008 to ask if the have or have not got an original CCA good luck x
  11. Thats all I got as well, chalenged them about this this, and have had a reply that the terms and conditions sent would have been on the back of my agreement, but they state this is their final word on the matter and if I am not happy I can go to the OFT. so if the T n Cs were the back of the agreement. why can they not send the front, all i got was a peice of paper with my name and address on and a large box with my right to cancel just SAR'd them
  12. Well what can I say have today received a missive from p2c, regarding my barclaycard they have been instructed by their clients (them selves?) to visit my address to collect the above debt. I have made this action necessary as i have ignored all their requests to contact them and I have failed to pay my account Now I am thinking of sending the following Dear Idiots as my account is upto date ,and I have been in recent contact with you, I find it necessary to call at your offices any time i see fit, so as to Inspect your book keeping on the above numbered account You have caused this action by being totaly brainless in the threat department, and your ineptitude at keeping client payment, and information in an orderly maner the charge to yourselves for this inconveniance will be in the reigon of £2.000 this should cover, travel costs accomodation, loss of earnings. meals, and incedentals to stop this action, you will need to confirm to me in writing, that you are total idiots and that my account is up to date. you also need to cofirm that this account will be passed back to Barclaysharks, as this is the 2nd instance of this type of treatment i have received from your company in 11 months,I have no confidence in your company and will not be paying you another penny A copy of all comunication from you, including the letter of the 2nd Sep agreeing to my payment for the next 53years will be sent to the OFT to join the earlier one that has been lodged and accepted as a valid complaint against your company thank you for your entertainment witts rant over
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