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  1. Hi i ve used this forum b4 and was successful of getting rid of marston with help from tombubby However on wednesday i got a letter off marston for a fine i had not paid to kings lyn mag for £310 i phoned marston and told them i could pay £50 a month but was told they dont do dd ,so what do i do now Can i do a signed dec someone please help thanks rayve
  2. Evening just want to thank sheila and everyone on here for there help its great having u here
  3. i ve checked inbox still nothing i await your email once again thanks my partner is well stressed out
  4. i ve sent you a pm with revelant info please get back to me my mrs is stressing thanks
  5. thank you mate im going to court house tomorrow to get info and ill email it to you please send me your email addy
  6. rite i ve been to the mag court who issued the bailiffs and they tell me there is nothing they can do once it has been passed to bailiffs .I told them i had received nothing in writing and i had no idea of this fine can someone please tell me what to do next thanks
  7. thanks but still unsure how to fill in can someone do a fake one so i can copy i just want to get it totally rite thanks
  8. Good morning I need some help my g/f has just had a bailiff on the door ordering money to the tune of £560 for a tv fine she never new she had ....... They are demanding payment today or they will seize her goods she s asked for the details of the court but they wont give them .What advice can u give me Most of the goods in the house are mine although i have no proof I ve now read the notice and they are saying they ll call back with a lock smith within 7 days .....Can they do this ??? She is panicking please someone help thanks ray
  9. Well i don t know if this is the rite place or not to post this , except my appologies if it is not... Today i went to the bank to get a loan I was informed by the girl that my rating was only a 2 To my knowledge i have never defaulted but she is saying i have other names on my house that have defaulted Well i rent my property and have done for 2 years how do i go about removing these other people from my house I get regular letters from balliffs for people who do not live here i pressume its these knocking my scoring down Please help
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