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  1. PLEASE NOTE - All those who have contracts with EPD Ltd - Please Read: Trading Standards/OFT Invetsigations on going - Response from Trading Standards : (Despite being warned by OFT this company is still advertising and trading without a license!) We were advised by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) on 11 June that Early Payday Loan Limited may be operating an unlicensed credit business........... As soon as we received the information from the OFT we made enquiries which established that the company’s license (with number 548370) did indeed lapse on 23 January 2009. They have reapplied but the new license (629035) has not been issued yet and is still pending This means that the company may have been operating illegally since 23 January and the status of any credit agreements arranged or completed since that date are in doubt..... The company sought advice from this service. They were advised that unlicensed consumer credit trading is a criminal offence. The company said that they had stopped advertising and trading until they had been granted a new license, they were advised that this was the correct action to take and that they should not re-start trading in licensable activity until granted a new license. The company said that they did not realize that their original license had an expiry date which was why they had carried on trading after it lapsed. As we have not received any complaints about this company we have not raised any objections to them being issued with a new license. In summary, it appears that unlicensed trading by Early Payday Loan Limited has gone on ............. The company have been warned that this is a criminal offence and that they should work with the OFT to protect consumers affected by their actions
  2. The Trading Standards web site who maintain the register shows the licence as clearly lapsed: Licence Number:0548370 Licence Status:Lapsed on 23/01/2009 Current Applicant / Licensee: Business NameCompany Registration NumberEarly Payday Loan Limited4959055 Categories: Consumer credit Credit brokerage Right To Canvass Off Trade Premises:No Issued Date: 23-Jan-2004 Legal Formation: Body Corporate (incorporated inside UK) Furthermore, I have received the following email from Trading Standards: Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act) Complaint Against: Early Payday Loan Limited Licence No: Unlicenced Thank you for your email and attached documentations received on 6 April 2009. Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, if a business wishes to be involved in activities relating to consumer credit or hire, including debt collection and debt management, they must have a consumer credit licence. The Office of Fair Trading (the OFT) has duty to enforce the Act, along with local authority Trading Standards Services (TSS). Upon checking the information provided in your letter, it appears that this trader does not hold a consumer credit licence. I have therefore forwarded your complaint to the TSS where the trader is based for it to consider investigating the matter of unlicensed trading in their area. Hope this helps
  3. Advice to all potential and current customers of Early Pay Day Ltd - I have been advised by the Office of Fair Trading that their Consumer Credit Licence lapsed on 23rd January 2009 - see Public Register However they are still trading as a licenced Consumer Credit company. Potentally this means that as they are allegedly unlicenced they are operating illegally - All contracts entered into whilst a company is unlicenced are un-enforceable in a court of law - Furthermore I believe Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Trading Standards are investigating the company for unlawful practices. Please be aware of this.
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