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  1. Hi again..... I rang Kensington this morning and gave a financial statement over the phone. I made an offer of the mortgage payment plus £100 extra per month. He has just got back to me and said the offer will be accepted..... but..... they want me to send them 6 months bank statements, my husbands books for last 3 months (hes self employed) and said it will stay in place but will be reviewed in 3 months time. So, on one hand its YAY! we can stay, but on the other hand, why do they need our bank statements etc? What happens in 3 months time? I dont want to give up this rented
  2. Hi Ell-enn - thanks for the reply. I think the £6000 includes the £50 a month we get charged for late payment. Re the tenancy on the rented property, we only signed for it on Thursday and have only moved some boxes in so far, I think at worst they would expect a months notice, or would just keep our deposit we gave them. I will print off the budget sheet and work out some sums, thank you for that. My plan (in theory) is to ring them in the morning and make an offer. It wont be what they want but we wont offer a ridiculous amount that we cant keep to just end up in this situation aga
  3. Hi everyone, I had some very good advice here a few years ago and I'm now in need again. Long story so please bear with me! 2 years ago we got into high arrears on our mortgage. they applied for and got an eviction date. We moved out but came to an arrangement to capitalize the arrears, so we moved back. Last year my husband had a simple operation but had complications after, he was off work for nearly 6 months. We are now in high arrears again, around £6000 now. They have threatened to enforce the order they had 2 years ago and evict us. They did offer to send out a man to comple
  4. Thanks for that, should I complain to the court? The debt is for rent on a private rented house, it wasn't a council house. Not really sure where to go with this. When I spoke to the bailiff to offer him an amount each week, he told me to email the offer to the office but they wouldn't take it. Should I just ignore them until they send it back and then deal with the company directly?
  5. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone may be able to advise on a levy please. To cut a long story short, we owe rent from a previous property that we lived in, it was a private landlord. The landlord went to court to get a warrant of execution and has put it in the hands of a bailiff company. Basically this bailiff has put a levy through my door with my neighbours van written on it (his van is parked on the street) and ont the levy next to the van has written the words "any/all other assets" Are they allowed to write that? I thought they had to list individual items? This bailiff
  6. Thank you, we will be happy there for a long time, we always were happy It wasnt the Special Services Team that we dealt with, it was the Litigation people. So although they had not started action against us yet, I think they must have been about to soon. Think we contacted them just in the nick of time Thanks again, just shows that even with heavy arrears there is still hope and its still worth a try, my arrears at the moment are £5993, so we have a long way to go, but we WILL get there
  7. Well, our offer was accepted and it will be put in writing in the post to us!! They did actually say that they have so many people in arrears that they are not refusing any sensible offers of repayment from anyone. So, very VERY happy here and looking forward to going home again!!!! Cant thank you all enough for the advice given to me here!!!! Off to start collecting boxes to move........again!
  8. Thank you so much for the advice, its very much appreciated. I will be getting it in writing as I just dont trust them one bit. My husband will be ringing them in a few minutes to make the offer, I personally dont think they will accept it as in the past they have wanted silly money off the arrears. The debt guy they send out to you went through our expenditure (last year) and worked out we could afford to pay the mortgage and the mortgage again each month, yeah okay, if we could afford over a grand a month mortgage we would be in a better house in a much nicer area!! I refused to se
  9. Hi We rang them yesterday and they said as yet they have not started any action against us?? (Why Ive no idea) They said if we pay 3 months mortgage payments on time with an amount off the arrears, then after the three months they will let us capitalise the arrears and recalculate the mortgage payments. We have to tell them by Thursday (tomorrow) what we are offering off the arrears and tell them over the phone our income/expenditure. Whats do you make of that? What are the chances of us moving back in, giving up this rented house and them actually sticking to what they sa
  10. Thanks for the advice there, the property is empty at the moment as we moved out into rented. But we go back every other day to check on it, we only moved two streets away. We got this rented house by pure luck and Im just worried that if we move back in and it goes belly up, then we probably wont get the chance of rented again with our credit history and lack of deposit etc. Its so hard because when we go back to check the house just makes me want to move back even more, its nothing special or in a posh area or anything, but it was ours. Kensington are such arses to talk to and I j
  11. Bit of a strange one here, well I think it is! Long one too sorry. We fell behind on our mortgage a couple of years ago due to my husband being out of work due to illness, hes self employed. We went to court and agreed to pay back a set amount on the arrears, this was fine for a while but we struggled and fell behind again. Basically we were chasing our tails trying to cover the mortgage and the extra and simply couldnt do it. Mortgage company didnt want to know and wouldnt reduce the amount, they went to court to take the house back and we were given a date to leave. We (someho
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