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  1. Yeah don't worry - won't be speaking to them! Will send letter off tomorrow via recorded delivery!
  2. Oh Awesome - can I use the one about being sent to another debt collection agency? Thanks for your help. I'm sure it wont be the end of it though but I can try!
  3. Afternoon All, This morning I have received a letter from CCS Collect.co.uk. Chasing me for a debt that was previously with Capquest Debt Recovery Ltd. Back in 2010 I was chased by Capquest and following advice from people on here and the template letters I questioned them on the validity of the debt and asked them to prove it by sending me the original credit agreement etc. The last I heard from them was on 20 July 2010 saying my account was now on hold and investigation would be carried out. Around about August of last year I had a call from someone saying they were from C
  4. Hi Everyone!! It's been a while. I sent the Failure to respond to CCA request letter to both Next & Capquest. These are the responses I had from both of them. Not heard anything from them since.....but not really sure where to go from here Both letters have a different response. Next say I do owe them and what they sent is fine, Capquest also say I owe them and they will continue to search for the CCA and god help me when they find it!! lol Your thoughts as always would be greatly appreciated Next.pdf Capquest.pdf
  5. I've never had any letters from any company saying that my accounts had gone into defualt. I moved away for a few years and never updated any of my addresses with them so they've never sent me any letters - I only knew I had any defaults when I got my credit file
  6. But how do you deal with having the defaults on your credit report - I'm trying to get rid of mine And I want this cloud lifted from my head Why do they have to make it so hard - can't they just admit they can't enforce the debt and write it off, we've called their bluff, they don't have a leg to stand so can't they remove our defaults and go harrass someone who has got a signed CCA lol
  7. Yeah that second letter is letter 20 in the debt collection templates.
  8. Was it letter 20 that you sent to Capquest? I'll give them a few more days and see what happens and if nothing then I'll send letter 20 out and cancel the Direct Debit that I set up with Capquest until then can provide me with the CCA. Knowing my luck they will end up finding something - although I think the credit card was obtained online so I don't remember signing anything Next are going to get it anyway - wonder what they will say to that!!!
  9. So what are you planning to do then? If they won't remove the defaults placed against me and they ignore the letters, whats the point of it - unless of course they try to take me to court for the debt?
  10. Also today is now the last day CapQuest have to send me the CCA I requested from them. They did send me the letter asking to wait 28 days for them to find the agreement but shall I send them letter 20 as well? Also - Am I reading the letter right, if they can't provide me with a signed true copy of the CCA then they must remove the defaults that are on my credit report?
  11. Is that letter 20 in the Consumer Action templates?
  12. and the last two IMG_0166.pdf IMG_0167.pdf
  13. Here they are again lol IMG_0161.pdf IMG_0162.pdf IMG_0163.pdf IMG_0164.pdf IMG_0165.pdf
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