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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie of this forum. Hope everyone who has knowledge or experience in bringing grievance action against colleague/co-worker can help me. To summarise my situation, our office has offices in alot of regions in the UK. Recently, we had a meeting with our Chief Executive and he asked us to point out any concerns that we have about other offices. My colleagues voiced alot of concerns, so did I. I particularly mentioned about the way that a regional office handled their relationship with the clients. My team endorsed my point. The Chief Executive was obviously concerned and asked me to put in writing. So I wrote to him and his team investigated it. Their investigation revealed that the way they handled their work was incorrect. Unfortunately, the manager and her assistant took it personal. The assistant was asked to call me. He called me, interrogated me unrightfully and yelled at me. I tried to keep the conversation respectable. I told him repeatedly that I felt offended. He simply laughed. He kept on pressing me to my limit, up to the point that I couldnt take it anymore and slammed the phone down. I cried. 15 mins later, an angry email was sent to me by the manager. Clearly it was a complot to bring me down. I brought a grievance action but it was not upheld. Here are my questions: 1) the investigator said that no telephone record was available for them to listen to the phone call. he also said that I said ABC, and the assistant manager said XYZ. Due to conflicting info, he could not uphold the grievance. Is this correct?? I simply dont think that the investigator should use this reason from investigating my complaint. 2) The assistant said that he felt awkward when his manager asked him to call me. Is this a sufficient defence?? 3) The assistant also said that he was upset I slammed down the phone! I was like, what the heck? He must be kidding! I thought that my response was something that they should have expected since I was at my wits end?? Does anyone agree?? 4) The poor thing is that, the manager was an agency staff, and guess what, the day that she sent the angry email was her last day!! Can you believe it? My question is: is there anything that my current employer can and should do to bring an action against her? Well we still have her agency and her contact details on our record. I'm pretty desperate for help and hope I could get some help in this matter. Thanks in advance for reading and hope to hear from you, cheers xxx V
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