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  1. Nevehaven't received anything from this company for 5 years now and suddenly out teh blue received a letter asking for payment today.
  2. Due to being very busy only got round to sending off SAR+£10 fee recorded today to Welcome.
  3. Been a while since I have been on here fighting the good fight. After taking on a number of banking institutes succesfully a few years ago, Welcome were the one I forgot about and got away. I had an unsecure loan taken out with them (silly me!) in late 2004, paid it up over time but due to personal problems had quite a few charges applied and it took me a good few years to get it paid up and sorted out pasat the original agreement. All paid up as of last summer so i gues snow is as good a time as any to try to claim anything I can get off them.I have phoned their Falkirk office as all their branches local to me seem to have shut down and managed to get a note of my account number to put on the template for a SAR so let the games begin...CheersW
  4. Guess who crawled out the wood work and started contacting me again. They have sent me a copy of the original agreement - 2 years late and no deed of assignment. Any advice on what I should do? Cheers Will
  5. So today I got a £38 charge on thi saccount as a dd came out a day before payday, It is only a small amount but it is so on...........
  6. Hi there, Thanks for the info guys. Bit embarrased by my mistake, down to the fact that I had very little time to prepare additionally the week before the preliminary. I have been back and forth with HBOS on the phone this week and they are sending out a cheque for amn amount that they have pulled out of their ass. I am now at a stage where they have paid me more than the charges/interest/court fee for last 5 years but less than th etotal requested. ie they have paid out a portion of what they are defending or have made a mistake with there calculations. Thanks for your help Will
  7. I have my 2nd hearing against HBOS on 6th July they have defended charges over 5 years old. Will be reading up on as much as I can over th enext month to see if I think its worth going for them!
  8. Not got lots of tim eto draft a complete letter to TS so have just redrafted an ol done to bring this to there attention:-
  9. Letter sending out today to DL&C and trading standards..
  10. Ok have an update finally. Received a letter yesterday from them to the effect of: - Then today got an envelope from them containing my statements from DPA request which I'd actually forgotten I'd made it was so long ago. Interestingly though they have said this in the cover letter included: - Anyone whose being paying attention will see what there trying to do! The statements though are from the time period 2004- early 2006 before DL&C or Hillsden as they are now calling themselves took "ownership". Think its time for another barriage of letters in there direction then a little court action for DPA SAR non-comp and then we'll see where we'll go from there.....
  11. Just back from summary cause hearing against BOS. It isn't as bad as you'd think it was, sheriff was very helpful and friendly. The BOS are only defending charges older than 5 years and have agreed to pay out the charge swithin the past 5 years. This is my 4th action against them and the obnly time they have defended.
  12. Just back from court from my Summary Cause hearing, Bank Of Scotland had a solicitor present who advised the court that they had now paid out the last 5 years charges and were defending the charges over 5 years on the grounds of the limitation act. I informed the sheriff that the bank had made a payment of £936.16 yesterday this however was over £600 short of the total charges for the past 5 years. The solicitor then said that a previous payment of £589 had been paid in March. I then informed the court that I believe the BOS were confused and that this payment was a settlement for a previous action on a seperate account. He made me repeat that it was a seperate account. I said that I still reuired a payment of £616 to cover the charges plus interest of the past 5 years. I said I was willing to contest the defence at a hearing on grounds on s32(1)(b) of limitation Act 1980. He advised me that this wouldn't apply in thi scase and it was some act 1973 that would apply( Didin't pick up what he said!) The sheriff set a hearing date for 6th July but advised me to liase with BOS to get it settled. I would be happy to settle for the charges plus interest and court fee for the past 5 years. The sheriff told the solicitor to advise the BOS that the previous payment of £589 was for another account and I have subsequebtly phoned the bank to confirm. I will also put it in writing to them.
  13. Well phoned the legal dept and the court for more info. The court confirmed to me that they have received no defence but only a notification that they intend to appear. The banks legal dept hav esaid they are only defending a portion of it on the basis that it is now time barred. They have paid the undefended portion into my account. I am hoping they don't show on friday as the woman on the phone seemed adamant about having me settle at this. The figures she quote dme regarding amount I'm claiming before and after the 5 year limit do not match.
  14. I've got the direct number for the person who is dealing with it in their legal dept. so will call them this afternoon and see whats happening!
  15. D'oh! Going up against the Bank of Scotland this Friday at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court for a Summary Cause hearing and as you can imagine I'm a wee bit worried. I know theres a chance they may not appear but gonn ahave to knuckle down and get prepared I guess. Anyone with any links to resources or friendly words of advice are more than welcome to post here.
  16. Well phone dthe court and they have said they intend to appear! Bollox! So goin to have to prepare I guess and I am now ****ting it as I am in the summary cause track. I know theres a chance they won't appear but.....
  17. Thanks for the words of support Annie. I phoned the court this morning and they are closed for bank hols so will be straight onto them tomorrow morning.
  18. Ok so today is the return date. I phoned Customer "lack of" relations yesterday for an update and the girl said someone would call me back. Am just home from work today and there is a messag eon my answer machine from their legal dept. asking me to call them to confirm account details. I think I will wait till Tuesday to call them as I seem to remember someone else having a similar request just before there return date and they subsequently defended it. I'm a wee bit worried about thi sone as its th efirst time I've been out of the small claims path. Just need to wait and see I guess.
  19. received a letter and now today a letter from Crapquest saying they have bought a debt from Capital One for £203 and I must now legally pay them blah, blah, blah. Interestingly enough there was also a letter from Crap One in the same envelope telling me it had been sold to Crapquest. The letter informed me that it is important I understand although I have been previously chase by Fredrickson Int thisis a seperate company. I had CCA'd Fre'dicks'ons last year and never heard another word about it from them. They have obviously become restless ao I have today posted away another CCA request to Crapquest.
  20. Ok the bank are now summoned by the sheriffs officers as of 1st May, they have a fortnight from today to answer it!!
  21. Summary Cause Papers on way to bank, Return Date:- 25/5/7 Hearing Date:-1/6/7 Total Claim £1891.55+ Court Fee+ Sheriffs Officers Fee
  22. Simple answer. If you desperately need the money now then accept it. If you can live without it for a couple of months then go ahead to court....
  23. Make sure you have accounts at another bank in case they play dirty and close further accounts. I'd not hesitate to put court summons in now!!
  24. If you've only sent 1 letter, send another marked "letter before action" tomorrow giving them another 14 days. Give them as little leway as possible. Draft your court papers to be ready to be sent out on day 29 if no reply! If I were you I'd use the template for LBA but add in a sentence saying since your preliminary letter they have added further charges to your account. This happened to me as well during the letter writing stage.. Good luck!
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