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  1. definately glad it is nearly over ....... as a parent you have to decide what is best for your child and sometimes make decissions that are not going to make you popular .....but fingers crossed it should all work out for the best .....
  2. hiya ...last day at school tomorrow ..... one brief question our son has a home school diary and yesterday hubby was asked to take it in today ....which he did ...only its no longer in the bag !!!! I was wondering if its not in the bag tomorrow can I demand to have it or how do I get it ?? can only assume that they dont want it to be read by any one else ....this is probably due to the message i wrote in it bout the senco not phoning etc ......this was never actually responded to or aknowledged ..... this was indeed the final straw in moving our son .....lesley
  3. we have looked at asd on the internet and we do recognise several signs in our son , there will be 3 of his siblings moving to the school with him one older and 2 younger ( one starting in september) so he will not be lone as such . we will tell the school ALL the reasons why he is leaving , his new head teacher has a son with autism so again he is very empathic where s.e.n is required also he has a review for his bowel medication coming up at the gp I will mention asd to her and see what she thinks .....once again thanks for all your advice
  4. hi we looked at the school yesterday and were plesently surprised ....it a school that is very small only around 20 pupils per class and only 100 (ish) pupils in the school , the ofsted report on it recognises it is very good with s.e.n. children and the head has actually had very similar problems at his own childs school (he is autistic) he said the TAs are trained to a very high level , and that they will offer a child support and wouldn't withdraw it if the child shows signs of improvement ( which the other school does do ) .......I even attended the new parents evening yesterday evening as
  5. hiya i am looking at a different school tomorrow and will write a letter of complaint at the same time as a letter telling them the children are moving school .....i have asked to see the senco at the new school as well as the head and will let u know how this goes tomorrow .....regards lesley
  6. Ok will do thanks again for your help it is very much appreciated will have a read up
  7. No , neither have been mentioned , I know of another child who was at the school who is now in year 7 secondary school and his autism was onlt diagnosed in year 6 and his mother thinks this was partly due to the school playing down her concerns ....Me and the hubby have discused it and think that we should deinately go and have a look at other schools
  8. Not as yet gone round to look at schools but have been looking online at ofstead reports of a couple local ones ( although the school he is at has a v good one for sen) he last saw a consultant around a year ago .... he was discharged as there is nothing they can actually do for him .... They have said that his dd may have something to do with his prematurity ( 6wks early) or could be one of those things .....my hubby has dyslexia but obviously he has more issues than dyslexia .... he was fine with all his mobility milestones and is great at things like football etc , he was fine with speech u
  9. He has been seen by a peadiatric doctor and has genetic testing ....he has behavoural problems as well as the quite severe learning difficulties .....he has also seen the occupational health therapist ....but because he is making progress albeit very slow everyone seems reluctant to do too much ...the doctor was very helpful and has said if he has any new problems he can be seen again ...he has input from speech therapists ... Hs behavoural problems are contributed to his lack of basic language skills and poor understanding as well as his developmental delay ....Im actually still waiting for
  10. No unfortunately he doesnt ....he has global delay with the exception of gross motor skills ( in fact these are extremely good) ..his bowel problem is thought to be due to loss of sensitivity due to constipation although he has never actually been fully clean and still has bedtime wetting ......
  11. yes he is under school action plus this is part of the reason his statement was refused as enough care should be included in this .... the school wasnt very helpful in our application .... in fact they were pretty much obstructive of it ....He has a younger brother that is in the same school and although we dont compare any of our children ( we have 8) we obviously can see the differences between them both positves and negatives ......but when we suggest that our son is miles behind our younger son the head tuts and says we shouldnt compare him .... but with out charts etc we dont know where h
  12. Hi I will do as suggested and hopefully get somewhere ...I shall re apply for a statement and see where it goes from there ....when he soils he has been sent home which to me is exactly the same as excluding him ....he was expected to go home on the day of his xmas party and it was only because I said it wasnt fair and made a bit of a fuss he was allowed to attend ...thank u again for your help and I will let you know how it pans out .....lesley
  13. also the educational psyhcologist said he should be on lgdd2 but the school didnt try to get this .....
  14. Hi it was refused as apparently he had enough help /support given any way and they considered him to be getting enough on lgdd1 they asked school for a write up but they never mentioned any soiling ignored.......we spoke to head at the time of the latest incident and was told that we d have to come in to change him as there is no one available to do so ( although I know that another little boy is in pull ups and soils/wets himslf and he gets changed , he is in reception though and I know this as he is my ex - husbands son ) .....The school also seem to fabricate information to make themselves
  15. unfortunately he does not have a statement ...we live in somerset and unfortunately there seems to be very few children with statements ...we have tried and failed to get a statement ....although will be trying to re apply in around 2 months as will be past the 6 month between appeals then ....thank you for your reply .... I am disgusted by the way he has been treated by the school ...If I were to leave him in soiled underwear Im certain social services would have something to say ......but the school seem to be a law unto themselves ......previously under the head master before ( he said if n
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