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  1. Ah yes, i see now, Ulster Bank, thought the symbol looked familiar. Ill try them and see what they say. Thanks, Jonny
  2. Hi, just a quickie to see if anyone knows how to sort this? I've recently started to receive text alersts for a natwest account which is not mine. Not quite sure how this would have happened as i would have assumed there'd be some sort of confirmation process? Anyway whilst trying to sort this natwest have told me they cant do anything over the phone as i have no account details on the system. They've asked me to pop into a branch, so I checked their site to see where, apparently there aren't any in N.Ireland! Now, the info doesn't contain any sensitive info like names or full account nu
  3. Well, when I sent my original SAR I specifically mentioned PPI, and highlighted it, several times. Surely that should have been enough??! mm Perhaps not. I dont have all statements but do have a transaction list they provided, and the majority of statements. Thanks for your help, I'll keep you posted Jonny
  4. Hi everyone, Hope someone can help. I've recently received back the SAR information from the A&L branded MBNA credit card, for which I wish to reclaim the PPI charges. The SAR contains no contract or T&Cs or any information relating to the PPI, except a mention of the Telesales call in the call log and the deductions in the transaction lists. Does the fact they have not supplied this mean there isnt any? How do i check the T&Cs, I dont believe i ever got any, i certainly never had the opportunity to review them. Is there a template letter to write, or what in
  5. They havent sent me statements as such, but they have sent me a transactions list of every transaction for the card. I can use this to pick out the PPI charges. Do you add the 8% interest? Thanks Jonny
  6. Hi All, Been a while but I've eventually got round to sending off my SAR and have received all my information from MBNA, who provide this card. The only thing I can find relating to PPI (PPC) is a mention of it being sold in the call logs. There is no PPI agreement, information or any mention of provider. I wish to reclaim these costs on the grounds of the high pressure sales technique used by the seller. What would be your advise as a next step? Complaints letter to MBNA with amount of refund requested? How does one calculate PPI in relation to credit cards? Thanks,
  7. Thanks v.much for the reply. I have a letter written out, but i will check it complies with the requirements above. As a matter of interest i also found this - seems it may be a similar scenario as myself.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8282264.stm Jonny
  8. I myself had had a couple of nasty experiences with "payment review" fees in A&L. Im still with them though, as I find that as long as you keep everything right, they're not that bad. My charges are because I dont take time to sit down and work out my monthly incomings and outgoings, which in the past varied a lot. Its easier now i get paid the same and monthly. Its very easy though to loose track of your account and get a couple of charges slapped on and not know till the next statement. I used to get paid weekly by cheque - it was a real pain trying to factor in the clearing time so
  9. In the alliance and leicester Premier current account, the minimum payment into the account is £500 per month. If you put less than this in your account you are charged the underfunding fee. Its not mentioned on the back of the statement, but it is in the T&C's. So one needs to watch out if they switch accounts and start using a new account without closing an old one..... Jonny
  10. Hi all, Ive been busy for a while but am now ready to start this proceedure. I have ppi on my Alliance and Leicester credit card which I believe was miss - sold. This credit card is, however, supplied by MBNA. My question is who should I send the SAR to? Also, which SAR template should I use? I notice there are a few different ones up here now. I have nearly all my statements, but there are a few missing. Will these be supplied too? There was also a period of time where my minimum payments were less then the ppi + interest - this resulted in charges + more charges. Can these a
  11. Yes thanks PF that will help in the future.... Heres what i got: We have arranged for PPI to be removed from your loan, and a new loan agreement will be sent separately. Our offer consists of £1411.40 as a refund, representing the payments made in respect of PPI from October 07 to May 09. it also includes £108.21 interest payable to June 09. Total offer £1519.61. I probably should however be receiving interest on the total cost off PPI at the 14.9% the loan was supplied at. But anyway, acceptance in the post now, so well see how long it takes to sort it out!! T
  12. Hi Tony, The offer i recieved was a full refund plus 8% interest, and cancellation of my future payments. Im happy enough with this and have accepted, though i believe i may have been duped a bit on reflection. As the amount has been added to my loan as a lump sum, i should really have gained interest for the Total cost of ppi, whereas they offered me 8% on the ammount i had paid already.......maybe someone can confirm that. Anyway, its done now.... Thanks aa for the reply, im also watching a similar thread, and will start to proceed similarly. Thanks all, Jonny
  13. Hi All, After receiving an offer from A&L regarding my loan PPI, ive decided to do some research on my A&L Credit card PPI. I was sold this, under some pressure by a forceful and convincing tele sales assistant in 2005, and its run ever since. I don't believe ever ever received terms or an agreement, could this be right?? Im pretty sure if i did i would have kept it, i have all my statements for this account right back to the begining in 2003. I have no idea who actually provides the ppi, only it is charged to my card monthly, and there were times, when i was stuggling a bi
  14. Hi Again! Update on my stuff.... Ive been so busy i havent had time to get any further, however i have now received an offer from A&L! Offer consists of a refund of my paid premiums, plus interest at 8%. This sounds ok to me, but is there anything im missing? Any advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Jonny
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