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  1. Hi forgot to add I think it was done over the internet, or by mail, but was not in person
  2. Hi many thanks for the advice, yes the amount includes late payment charges and the agreement was taken out quite a few years ago, definately pre April 2007, how should I request the Credit Agreement and from whom, Triton or RBS? and what will requesting the credit agreement do for me. regards
  3. Can anyone offer advice on the next step to take, last week I received a letter from Triton Credit Services, stating that I needed to contact them as my outstanding credit card balance had been transferred to them for collection as I had missed the last months payment (£160) on my RBS Mint card, I contacted Triton and was greeted by an obnoxious lout on the other end who stated that I had to repay all of the 10,000 that I owed, or as a minimum he would accept payments over 6 months. I responded by saying I could only afford to keep paying the £160 a month. He then said tough luck as it was 10,000 pounds he could do nothing and I would hear from there solicitors in due course. Today I got a letter from triton stating they were dissapointed to note I had failed to make a payment or satisfactory repayment proposal. Alsi it may be appropriate to request that a debt recovery agent call on me to discuss and agree proposals for repayment. I rang them again and explained the situation and that I had tried to offer what I could afford but again the advisor!!!! said she could only allow a minimum of £1000 a month repayment, I politely re-inforced that under no circumstances could I afford to pay that amount and ststed that I could pay £160 per month. She then informed me as before I would hear from their solicitors, what should I do next?, I note from the letter Triton is a part of the RBS seems like bully boy tactics,
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