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  1. I'm by no means saying Currys is perfect, and I also can understand your frustration with the rigid systems in place. But we are in deep recession, as I'm sure your aware, so its understandable that Currys want to maximise profits on HDMI cables and all other 'essentials'. But in comparrison to the older systems, this new fives is a step into the right direction. And just as managers are pushing us to make profit, their managers will be pushing them twice as hard. Not to mention the regular mystery shopper checking in on us, ready to drop our bonuses. You are right in saying its not easy, but instead of fighing against these fives just use them to get the bonuses and when more jobs become available just move to a different one.
  2. I'm not sure why you seem to have such resentment for the new way of doing things, its far better then the old ways. The training is far better, and staff are being treated far better so I would say thats progress. Fives isn't just about getting sales out of customers, its also about making sure the customer leaves the store happy with their purchase, after all they will be spending a lot of money on a product that they will be using on an almost day-today basis. If you've ever read a book by Barry Schwartz, the paradox of choice you would understand that many customers feel anxious about making even simple decisions on products because of the sheer choice. The five steps help to ensure the customer feels happy about the purchase and ensures they get the maximum out of it too. A HD TV needs the proper attachments so the customer gets the most out of their product. The priority fives also ensure the store is running at its best, and (where possible) all items are properly stocked. I'm not asking you to love fives but I would urge you to be more open minded to the advantages to both the consumer and the staff that work there. And after all I'm sure every customer knows that DSGi is a company that has shares and needs to make profit. At the end of the day the customers arn't stupid, if they don't want something they will tell you.
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