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  1. Instant Replacement has only been sold as a fixed three year term during my time in the business. Five year terms on items over £150 generally fall under the 21 day repair rule. Sounds like the idiot who sold your wife the insurance confused the two and missold her. Write to head office if it isn't resolved in branch is my best advice.
  2. 100% agree with you Renzokuken and would like to hear currysmanagers thoughts. I had a situation the other week where a sales leader had been talking to a customer, found out they already had 3 of the KPIs, and passed the sale onto me to finish off and process through the till. I added WEH, by discounting the 1st month off for free, and the customer left happy. I then went to fill in the sales log that measures KPIs, with the manager watching over my shoulder. When he saw I had only attached one item, he sighed loudly right behind me and walked off in a huff. For the rest of that day I felt li
  3. Very true. So taking that into consideration, lets think of this example. Say a customer comes in wanting a replacement laptop just to go on facebook etc on. Now through fives I can ask what they will be using the laptop for, if they have considered Mobile Broadband, and told them they will need security. They are happy with AVG and so dont want Norton, but decide they will take the Broadband offer. Can you therefore explain why I should then be quizzed and made to feel like crap by the management because I have not got Office, techguys or a bag on the sale? After all the customer has came in,
  4. I’ve been with Currys for approaching 3yrs in October. I was originally hired as a merchandiser (basically the person who creates displays and puts balloons and posters up for promotions) and I loved the job, got on with the managers, and was – dare I say it- pretty good at what I did. However, since earlier this year I was ‘encouraged’ to become more of a sales ‘advisor’, essentially told in not so many words there weren’t enough jobs to do in the store to justify the merchandising role, so I would have to sell or get a new job. Begrudgingly I accepted this, as I need the money, plus I was
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