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  1. beepers

    Beepers vs Smile

    Ooh yeah - I forgot to ask - any recommendations for a parachute account please? I don't have a lot of income so it has to be a bank that will accept this. I only want an account that I can arrange direct debits from and have a debit card with. Thanks!
  2. beepers

    Beepers vs Smile

    Thanks all - I will take your advice and send the letter recorded delivery as well as secure messaging. I hate the their tactic of blocking accounts online. I emailed them and asked them to unblock it as without that facility I couldn't pay the credit card (both my credit card AND bank account are with Smile so I do a direct transfer). I explained in the email that I was not available on the phone and they emailed me back asking me to phone them! Anyway, will keep you informed. Thanks everyone!
  3. beepers

    Beepers vs Smile

    Hello all! I have just made a welcome post in the welcome section. This is my first SMILE section post and it is to let you all know that I am about to start the process of getting back my money. I spoke to SMILE on the phone this morning and told them of my intentions. The guy on the other end was pretty helpful and told me I'd probably get the money back pretty quickly and without much trouble. He sounded a bit resigned. Anyway, SMILE have very kindly blocked my online account until Tuesday when a payment to my credit card is cleared. On Tuesday I will be sending a secu
  4. Hi, This is my first post here, although I have been browsing for ages. I would like to say thank you for giving me the confidence to make the first small step to recovering my bank charges. I rang SMILE this morning and told them my intention, asked if I should write a letter or use the electronic messaging system (which seems VERY reliable when THEY are chasing ME - so theoretically it should work the other way around eh?) and got a positive response from the guy I spoke to who told me that they would probably refund the charges pretty quickly. So far so good! So, thanks ve
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