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  1. I'm seeking into going bankrupt. I virtually have nothing on me, e.g. I don't own any assets and I'm flat broke. However my wife, who I've split up with (Not officially - we are not living with each other) owns the house I'm living in. If I file for bankruptcy (Just myself) will my wife lose her house? Reason being is that I don't want this house lost and I have a crap load of debt as well as my 2 kids that also live in the house. Let's just say this!: The house isn't in my name, but in my wife's name, do I even have to mention this to a bankruptcy solicitor? I'm to
  2. I went to prison to keep my family in some sort of a house, but a house nevertheless. I lost my job, one of my houses and my car as a consequence, I've paid the price. I'm not asking for people to be sorry for me, I asking for people to give me some solutions otherwise I'm in ever deeper horse poop than before. I hadn't used the account, so I did not think there would be a problem with it. The fact that it went overdrawn by 17p in the first place, I am baffled about. They can't go into specifics for some reason as to why this 17p overdrawing came about in the firs
  3. Hello, I'm having a problem with Alliance & Leicester. (A&L) Basically, my current account with Alliance & Leicester went overdrawn in November by seventeen pence (0.17p) For the first 11 days they charged 5 pounds (£5) per day, amounting from 0.17p to £55.17 overdraft. This has continued to this date (31/05/2009) and since they have been charging around 5 pounds per day at £100 cap per month. The total to this date, has amounted to around £500-600 pounds sterling from a £0.17p overdraft. Now I was in prison at this time for a minor offense (4 months in-pr
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