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  1. Well done sunrider. I didn't manage to get my judgement set aside just stayed with an order for it to be served again. My CCA request didn't come in time but surprisingly did eventually come and all was correct but Bryan Carter still discontinued the action ???
  2. Presumably the payment the court set is less than the one you originally offered but in any event pay the court figure and Bryan Carter can do nothing. You did ask for time to pay and the court set a figure for you to pay weekly/monthly?
  3. You might have slipped through the 6 years if you hadn't responded at all. You only had to wait until Monday. I suppose you will just have to see if the CCA information turns up now.
  4. I would imagine the court would be able to tell you if the CCJ is registered as paid. Do you still have paperwork with the reference number on? Have just re-read your post. Did you not defend the action when it was taken?
  5. Just to give everyone a bit of a laugh, I just had the postman at the door with a recorded delivery letter which looked very official so I signed my mum's name in a different handwriting to mine. I was dreading opening it thinking it might be the requested cca info only to find it was my Ashes tickets for Headingley.
  6. I recently received a letter saying they had a warrant against me. I checked with Northampton County Court and there was indeed an outstanding CCJ issued in July 2007, 3 months after I had moved out of the property. I have applied for judgement to be set aside and a hearing has been set for this Friday coming. I sent off a CCA letter to them which they received 3 weeks ago today. I received an acknowledgement off them but did not and have not received the information within the statutory 12 working days and am reasonably confident that the judgement will be set aside.
  7. Oh there is no doubt that I owe the money and is considerably more than they are claiming. From reading the other threads on BC I believe they have just claimed 10% to cover their own fees. It is a debt to Egg and certainly no transactions on the account since at least Dec 2005. When I get notification of the hearing to set judgement aside I will send a CCA letter and presume they won't provide it so it will be struck out.
  8. Yes they had been to court and gained judgement. In July 2007 they issued a summons to an address I had moved out of 3 months previously.
  9. Seems Bryan Carter are up to dodgy dealings as usual as the warrant they have quoted to me saying they are sending in the bailiffs is merely a threat to try to make me pay. The warrant was issued in August 2007 and only lasts for a year so it is out of date. I have however put in the application to set judgement aside.
  10. Well I've put a form in on the present one to set judgment aside so will see what happens. As concerning the others I don't suppose I have acknowledged the debts, certainly not the one I have just received a letter about from Rockwell. I have sent the letter I have seen on the various threads to them, without signing it.
  11. I've got rather too many debts to worry about them any more. I have however replied to some dca's before I knew of this site but when I have told them of my rather dire looking financial circumstances they don't bother with me anymore but I have mucked up the statute barred limits.
  12. I think it may be a case of getting in touch with the court tomorrow to see if they have a judgement. I probably do owe the money but having read of som of BC's tactics I should be able to get judgement set aside.
  13. Yesterday I received a letter referring to previous letters and an unpaid judgment from Bryan Carter Solicitors who I have read about on another thread. This is the first letter or correspondence of any kind in connection with this matter that I have received. I have lived at my present address for over a year now. They say they are now applying for issue of a Warrant of Execution. What do I do?
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