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  1. So let me get this straight, say after 6 months of the customer having the item they have to pay to get the electrical item tested to see if there is a manufactores fault.If so then we would give cost of testing and replace the equpment.as it stands at the moment we just give them a new item every time.am i allowed by Law now then to say after 6month (ish) they would have to prove the item faulty before we would replace ?
  2. Again thanks for the advice but the SOGA seems not to be talking about what im having problems with,It mentions the not fit for purpose but not a fault with electric items, Is it correct that a customer can return for new say a printer every year for lets say 5 years? Every 11 months saying its faulty? In this scenario somebody could fit there home/office 1 once and get all the elect items replaced each year saying they are faulty.If this is correct im going to have to look at how I buy electric items in the future,
  3. Hi all.Sorry for bringing this up again, but im trying to get my head around this warrenty thing,You see i work for a large office staionary company and i cant get a direct answer from my managers as to the correct process for returns.We have customers who purchase printers/phones and other office equpiment when these go wrong we collect next day and replace next day.Im just trying to do the correct thing for the customer but also want to stop the **** takers which the world is full off.If somone purchased a item and every 11 months returns and gets a new product under the warrenty is this the correct thing to do? The business cant check electric items for faults i think under health and safty so we cant say if the items are faulty or not.Some people have had 6 printers 1 each year all being free as they paid once for the first one,Please somone help i cant get any answers as what im supposed to do :*(
  4. ok thanks your advice, Could this not result in this then becoming a lifetime guarentee ? If under every year i claim the phone is broken? The supplier is a large mail cataloge company and dont have any engineers or testers who can see if the phone is broke or not.What im trying to say is what then is stoping my from calling every 11months saying the product is faulty,
  5. Hi all im in need of you guys n gals again.Does a replacement item come with another years warrenty? Example purchased a trio phone set at the middle of 2009, one of the handsets went faulty and the supplier replaced it as just under 1 year old. Unfortunatley this has happend again the suppler is now refussing to exchange for a new phone as the orginal is now well and trully over 1 year old.I know im being cheeky asking for a replc but how do i stand on the legal side of things,Thanksbrian opps just noticed posted in welcome forum by mistake...sorry
  6. pazor

    Ebay Warranty

    Ok thanks for the reply im feeling a little safer now
  7. Hi there back again asking for help Just purchased a camera from ebay, The seller is Registered as a Business Seller im just worried at somthing i never noticed until now which reads This product is 100% brand new in Canon retail box. Unopened, never used. It comes with the following warranty: Warranty Length: This product comes with 3 Months Warranty by Seller. Coverage: This warranty covers repair or replacement of defective product. Can they get away with only offering a 3 month warranty on a new unopened item. Many Thanks
  8. Any update on this yet ? Intersted in what ASDA have said/done.
  9. Hi Again all Thought i would keep you updated on my problem, I had a meeting with the chap who sold me the car and after a debate got £800 cash of him for repairs Im a happy chappy now, Had to sign a letter saying that i wouldnt go back to him in the future with anymore problems. Thinking back this was prob a silly thing to sign but i was just happy i got the £800.
  10. Been back to the garage who gave me the price to repair the car and they have advised me to complain to VOSA as the car would not of passed its MOT which was done the week before, it wont help me but its the right thing to do he said. I have asked for £800 towards the repair have arranged a meeting on sunday. Hopefully they will aggre and give me the £800
  11. work needed... Handbrake shoes rear brake discs rear brake pads rear brake sensor subframe bushes x4 front brake discs front brake pads front brake sensor n/s/f Cv boot front headlamp level sensor drop link for headlamp level sensor rear cewnter pde sencor front right sencor the mileage is high at 100k and i looked at 12 cars this old all the same price and belive that none had any faults this car has. Dont forget this car cost me £9000 a price i could buy a new car at
  12. Thanks again for the help i dont know what i would do without your help. You mantion "Before the SOGA gang get involved, bear in mind it relies on age mileage and price but must be roadworthy" i was thinking the car is 10 years old and i still paid £9000 for it, i thought that price had a big had a big part to play if i payed say £1500 i would'nt expect much but at the full price this model is selling for at the moment. I will send a letter to him tomorow and hold back with the engineers repot until he replys thanks again
  13. thanks conniff im not that clever at writting letters is there a standerd letter i can edit with my details. thanks
  14. Ok so i took my car into a independent BMW specalist today to get the car looked at. I have now got a statement for work needing doing at a total of £1500 Wow £9000 on a car 2 weeks ago and now this. Where do i go from here, i spoke to the gentleman i purchased the car from and all he would say is he needs to speak to his solictor before he will coment. What is my next step, I have been advised to get a engineers report done.
  15. I had new front suspension arms fitted at the weekend which if im correct are the bushes these were fitted at National Tyres. Its a old car on a 51 Plate although it looks brand new. People said i was mad spending so much money on a old car but thats just what these cost
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