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  1. Well I`m back lol, see posts starting #23 I received this email a few days ago from BSD Dear Mr xxxxxxxx, I am working with the asset recovery department for bitesizedeals, and I see that you have filed and won a chargeback with your credit card company from us. Following the agreement we now need the merchandise back. If you have already sent the product back to us, please provide the name of the courier and the return tracking number that was used. If this is not the case, please send the item back to our warehouse at the following address: 645 W. 9th Street Lo
  2. "Would be interested to know of any USA consumer agencies which may be interested in companies appalling service." You can file a complaint against them here The better business bureau BBB Consumer and Business Reviews, Reports, Ratings, Complaints and Accredited Business Listings - U.S. BBB This has had results for others Good luck
  3. Well I got the camera on 23/06 just over 3 weeks it took. No customs charges and the camera is the one I ordered, not white box.Filled in the online waranty no problem. So all`s good but I wont be using them again. Good luck everyone kim
  4. They may send there lawyer after you BiteSizeDeals : Why has this thread been suspended? - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums I recieved a tracking number from DHL today EVENT CATEGORY 21 Jun 09 2:38 AM - Clearance processing complete - East Midlands,United Kingdom So I should get some thing tomorow, I`ll let you know what happens. *fingers crossed*
  5. I don`t believe them! The bank told me I have to wait a month before they`ll investigate (halifax) So i`ll do the chargeback thing then. I`m going to write a complaint on BBB site as well. They must be doing this to a lot of people Don`t know if you`ve seen these sites about THEM bitesizedeals.co.uk claims Bite Size Deals, www.bitesizedeals.co.uk Review in Online Camera Shops at Review Centre "(By the way, good choice Kimbo123, Lumix FZ28 is a good camera)" Been itching to get me hands on it and all this happens lol
  6. Hi mrfjolly, I recieved a email from them yesterday despite emailing them every other day asking to cancel. First contact since this mess started. Hello, Thank you for your email. Our sincerest apologies for the delay in your order. Unfortunately, we had a few products out of stock. However we do have an order coming in with the product. It will be arriving within a week. Once the product has arrived we will expedite your order. Regards, James
  7. Thank you Keyboardface for helping me I feel so daft. But anyway I`ll do as you say regarding emailing,checking the web site satus and keeping hard copies of all corispondence with them and keep my fingers crossed but I wont be holding my breath though. "You should also make sure to advise your bank that the call (supposedly) from BSD was the specific reason for binning your card, so that they are fully aware of the situation." OK I`ll post back to this thread if I hear any thing from them. Thanks again Kim
  8. I have`nt written to them yet I ordered it at Order Date/Time: May 29 2009 15:00 then like you, about an hour later I recieved a phone call requesting detailes, I don`t know what I was thinking but I gave him the three digit security code That card has now been canceled. What should i say to them in the email to them? Sorry but i`ve never had to do anything like this
  9. Hello, I hope some one can help me, Yesterday I stupidly in haste purchased a camera Panasonic DMC-FZ28k £218 online from Bitesizedeals I paid with my halifax visa debit card, I contacted the bank but they say the transaction had been autherised and I have to wait a month and if the item is not delivered they can try to do something.This morning I googled the BSD and came across this thread, My Fault I know I should have researched them First This is the first time anything like this has happened to me. Should I try to cancel Now? What should I do now...please help Thanks Kim
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