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  1. At bankruptcy hearing I was trying to get a charge on my property and set up repayments, judge was happy with this instead of bankruptcy. I had to get consent from my other two charge's Bank of Scotland and GE Money. Bank of Scotland was no problem but GE wanted a fee of around £60.00 which I paid, there response after the fee was paid was that they be happy to consent to a further charge on the grounds that I pay all arrears and costs currently on the account first, I did not the means to do this. I was made bankrupt and now waiting to see if I am going to lose my home.
  2. 1st credit have taken me to the bankruptcy court, the judge has said that instead of bankruptcy a further charge could be made on my property plus montly payments. 1st credits solicitors have asked me to gain written consent from the other companies who have a charge on the property (2 of them) that they agree to a further charge. Court order was made stating the same. The original and largest percentage company agreed straight away. The second company asked for a fee which I paid, the letter with their consent arrived with the condition that all arrears are paid first, I have an agreed payment plan with them which includes the arrears. I do not have the money to pay what they are asking for and 14 days to gain this consent. Help needed thanks.
  3. My bankruptcy hearing was adjourned for 4 weeks for to put forward proposals to secure the debt.
  4. I was paying the original creditor until I was made redundant. The petition was served on myself at the court when I reapplied to have the SD set aside due to the lack of a CCA and that the amount on the SD contains 3k of PPI again the judge sided with the creditor. I will attach a copy of the credit card application they have supplied as the copy agreement when home tommorw. Thank You
  5. I have been served a bankruptcy petition by a dca for a credit card debt of 10K. I tried and failed to have the statutory demand set aside on the grounds that the dca have failed to provide a copy of the cca (they have only supplied a copy of a credit card application form) also I informed the judge that the I dispute the amount as it contains nealry 3k of ppi which the original lender has now confirmed. I have offered £10.00 a week an amount which is all I truly afford, they rejected this due the time it would take to repay the debt, they offered a to accept a voulantry charge on my property plus £250.00 a month an amount which is the same as a weeks wages. I am going to try and oppose the bankruptcy due to the reasons above. Any help or advice would be excellent thank you.
  6. I will give it go- Dispute amount due to large amount of PPI which original creditor has now offered to repay. Connaught have never produced a default notice. As I see it I have nothing to lose in trying to set the SD aside again.
  7. Can you ask for a SD to be set aside more than once? Thanks
  8. Bankruptcy papers are on the way, the same company who delivered the SD have been around. Will the fact that Halifax have agreed to refund the PPI make a difference. Should I try and apply for a time order. Help needed thanks
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?311376-Bankruptcy-Proceedings Sorry should have linked the above.
  10. Halifax have agreed to refund all PPI, so the amount that connaught put on the SD they delivered is clearly wrong, if they do issue bankruptcy proceedings how will this affect the case. Thanks
  11. Quick update nothing from connaught since late July. Halifax have offered to repay all PPI plus interest. When I aplied to set aside the SD one of my reasons was that I dispute the amount due to the PPI. Seeing as Halifax have agreed to my PPI claim the amount connaught have put on the SD is clearly wrong. Any ideas on what to do next thanks.
  12. I asked Halifax to send me a letter stating what they said on the telephone, will send another letter asking if this is their final response. I have put a claim in for PPI, waiting to here result. Paid them the £10.00 a week a few times till they refused the offer
  13. Complained to the Halifax by letter they called today to to say that since the debt has been sold it has nothing to do with them and any complaint should be made to 1st credit. Reply from connaught again rejecting £40 a month as it would take over twenty years to discharge the debt File has now been passed to their solicitors for the purpose of issuing a Bankruptcy Petition
  14. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?311376-Bankruptcy-ProceedingsCredit card debt for £9500 connaught collections are threating to start bankruptcy proceedings. Tried to get SD set asdide as they have to supply a copy of the credit agreement, judge did not care
  15. Can anyone please advise me or help me on applying for a time order.
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