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  1. whats oc? well, made redundant last year and am trying to get them to be a bit more accomodating and they are not.....they are being really quite obtrusive....have sent them a letter albeit a while ago but they never really respond. is there a letter i can send them again?
  2. im really worried, can these people put a charge on my house and take me to court? i have it on my desktop at work so will copy across to hotmail then scan in tomorrow.... mbna are quite nasty tho arent they...so i hear!
  3. hi everyone just wondered if anyone could please give me some advice on MBNA...theyd been v quiet for a while which i thought was odd and then out of the blue i got a letter on the back of mine saying that my CCA is legal and that they have now dealt with my case and basically its not up for discussion anymore..... i have already posted up a copy of my cca up here a while ago.... i need to send them something this week, any ideas what? AIC are also on my case BIG TIME.... please help!!
  4. sorry if im sounding dim here but what does that exactly mean for people like me? do i further write again to abbey and ask for more? not sure i follow is all.
  5. thanks yourbank. would you say that is likely though, given the recent OFT outcome etc...everything is such a battle right now!! take the money and run perhaps.......
  6. ive also got these idiots writing and calling me, i never pick up and throw their letters away, i think they are acting on halifaxs behalf. ive just emailed halifax a very angry letter and am going to report them to TS, OFT, FSA.....re AIC, is there a letter i can send that basically tells them to get lost politely.....
  7. after much battling and constant phone calls, abbey upped the stakes and have offered me an amount re my case. its nowhere near the original claim that i put in but is going to help me with bills etc.... question is...do i accept this and put this to bed or carry on asking??? has anyone else had similiar experience? thx.
  8. thanks, i need it!! anyone on here advise what i should do re abbey?
  9. hi there i was just reading thru your blog and im in the exact same boat....financially. i lost my job, couldnt afford mortage etc etc....had credit cards and their dcas chasing me,phoning me all the flipping time and letters, i thought that the bailiffs would come knocking. ive learnt a hell of a lot thru this site and everyone has been amazing. you will find the strength, courage and even sometimes anger to get you thru it all. i promise you, if i can do it, you can too!! firstly, get cca off all the credit card people, letter templates are on here and people will help you find all the stuff you need..... please keep us posted and am sure we will all get there one today together!! xxx
  10. abbey have offered to pay me a bit more re bank charges,take it and run or wait?? capital one...dca returned the debt so crap 1 are on my case again.... mbna are coming back to me in a few weeks time re my cca and stuff.... halifax....dedicated customer person calling me after i threatened to complain and take them to trading standards, etc etc etc...... i think these nasty people are all hoping that joe public is weak and that we will give in but thanks to this website and others i am starting to make waves.....fingers x and watch this space!!
  11. anyone watching question time??? also,please please can someone let me know how i should be wording my email to abbey now???
  12. rob, just had a little look thru the template section and cant find the one i need to send, can you help me please?
  13. yes, theyve had the claim for a while now so are well aware, i havent started any court stuff yet as want to see what abbey do now.....
  14. hi rob thanks, so to get the ball rolling, i want to email abbey first, any ideas of what i can write, not v good with these type things....
  15. what did it say? im not very good at wording so just want to make sure my email covers everything when i send it.
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