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  1. HI HAD A LOAN WITH LLOYDS TOOK OUT IN MAY 2000, SENT CCA OF AND GOT NO REPLY SO ACCOUNT WAS PUT INTO DISPUTE ON 19 JUNE 2009 now been passed over to moorcroft who say lloyds dont have the agreement as they legally only have to keep them for 6 yrs but that i am still liable for the debt and must call to set up payments or they will start legal action ! i have wrote to them 3 times stating account is in dispute and should not have been sold on to moorcroft, and i will not deal with them, but they keep requesting payment, now i am confused as how the OFT changes that happened last week affect the dispute ect, as it says lenders can not get a court judgment against the debtor but can still take them to court ? and can pass information on to a debt collector, im just confused as to what i do next ????
  2. hi i sent the loan agreement request to BLS with £1 postal order by rec del... , i recieved a reply from LLOYDS today saying i have requested documents for an account they do not manage ??? i included the account no. for loan and bls ref no. i was paying BLS £54 a month but they want to up it to £85 and wont accept any lower so i asked for copy of loan agreement...this loan is about 10 yrs old..i am unsure what to do now...i know BLS is PART OF ls LLOYDS...so how can they say they dont manage this account....
  3. well mum tried to pay it in one branch to be refused because of the account number on the cheque......so i put a line through the acc no part and took her to another branch and it was accepted so hopefully alls well.....takes till fri 1st june to clear !!!! so will see then
  4. LOL I meant did natwest refuse the cheque as you had altered it ... but obviously not ....i will take mum over this afternoon and cross out acc no...( did you need to initial it ? ) and try to pay it in
  5. and did the cheque clear ok ?
  6. my parent recieved a cheque for their charges but bank made it payable to mr richard ****** into acc 00998990 if he was to cross out the acc no would it be illegal...? he tried to pay it into a building society acc but was told hed have to get them to put a line trhiugh acc no and initial it or send a new chq ?
  7. yes they do have a natwest account...but are not using it now as i advised them not to...i just put in my POC that payment was to be made by cheque only....as its your money id say you can have it anyway you want....if they dont send a cheque then i would not accept payment untill cheque arrives then once cleared then i would inform court case was settled.... i told mum to try to pay it into the building society tomorrow....see what they say... just a thought would it be illegal to just cross out the acc no.?
  8. hi my parents recieved a cheque for the full amount today oonly problem is its payable to my dads name and also says " into acc 0099990099 " so if they try to pay it into the building society tommorow will it be rejected ? surely they cant tell you where to pay the money into !?
  9. hi have recieved letter saying bank has till 4pm on 24th may to submit a new defence to go with the amended POC i sent in last week....what will happen if bank dont resubmit an amended defense....what will be my next step....
  10. hi my parents are claiming charges back from NatWest....nw going through court...they also have a loan with NatWest and as they are now both off work due to ill health, the loan is being paid via PPI... the problem is the PPI is going into their current account and they are overdrawn due to charges....so the PPI payments are being swallowed up by overdraft and now the last 2 PPI payments havnt been paid ....can the bank use the PPI money for the overdraft as when they agreed to pay PPI it was for the loan not anything else....im worried they are gonna end up defaulting on loan and NatWest are playing dirty just cuz they are claiming charges back TRIED PHONING BANK YESTERDAY AND WAS PUT ON HOLD FOR 25 MINS !!!!! so gave up..... mum tried to get the PPI paid directly into the loan acc but was told it had to go through the current account !!!! does anyone know if there is anything they can do to make sure the PPI payments get to where they are supposed to be..... i can see this all going down the pan......
  11. hi we sucsessfully claimed £3000 from halifax for past 6 yrs now im noticing people are claiming beyond six years ....can i claim back further even though they eventually settled and if so how do i get list of charges for further back than 6 years ?
  12. hi we sucsessfully claimed £1500 from lloyds for past 6 yrs now im noticing people are claiming beyond six years ....can i claim back further even though they eventually settled and if so how do i get list of charges for further back than 6 years ?
  13. hi recieved this letter from cobbetts we note from your claim form and schedule that you are claiming interest at a rate of 8% and bank charges totaling £3,000+ . as it is duty of claiment to substansiate claim please provide a revised schedule for the period your claim relates ....this should detail the exact nature of charges and application for interest at the courts intertest rate... so they want another schedule ... ive written one out with reason for charge ....date....amount....so do i now need to put a colum for interest of each charge aswell.......?
  14. i dont have access to a printer so instead of spreadsheet can i just write down all charges and info ? amounts , reasons ect
  15. i claimed via moneyclaim and used the template given on here. what i need to know is shall i copy the N1 form template as its more informative and send another schedule of charges to court ...
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