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  1. are there any former littlewoods agents who used the payment booklets to record payments here who could tell me how many pages these booklets have, I have been ripped by an agent who removed pages and re-wrote the account overcharging me by £500, hoping someone can help soon, thanks
  2. I did go to the police who finally came back to tell me it was a civil matter and I could issue a claim at the small claims court which I am in the process of doing,the police did contact the person concerned who told them she would come that weekend to discuss it, needless to say she didn't. I had repeatedly asked to discuss this matter with her which she refused, yes it is fraud and my mistake was in trusting her to mark off my payments, however I had made payments direct into her bank account which do not show on the book which she retained. I had purchased goods over a number of years, al
  3. thanks but they will only have my payment history, not the amount of pages in the book, the overpayment wasnt paid to the catalogue but into the agents pocket.
  4. Can anyone tell me how many pages the books have, I have been overcharged by am agent who has removed pages but as Littlewoods changed their payment books they cant tell me, as i have been overcharged by £500 you can imagine I am not happy:x
  5. I don't know if you can help me, did you have the book type of payment card and if so how many pages does it have, I have been ripped off bby an agent who rewrote the payments resulting in me having to pay an additional £500
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